Body said to be Irish drugs baron has been discovered buried in Alicante

The heartbroken mother of a suspected Irish drugs kingpin Carl Carr has confirmed her son's body has been found buried beside a Spanish motorway but insisted his death was nothing to do with the narcotics trade. 

Marie Carr, from Dublin, said detectives told her that her son's remains had been recovered from a shallow grave near a Costa Blanca motorway. 

She said it was likely he was killed over a 'love triangle'.  

Carl Carr, 38, was last seen in September on a night out at the Cabo Roig resort near Torrevieja

Carl Carr, 38, was last seen in September on a night out at the Cabo Roig resort near Torrevieja

Four suspects, two men and two women, have been arrested in connection with Carr's murder. They appeared in court in Torrevieja earlier today in an in camera hearing. 

It is understood the suspects are British and Irish. 

Mrs Carr described her son as a 'well-liked but 'easily-led lad' in a poignant tribute to her only son as she grieved his suspected murder and said: 'His favourite saying was he was a lover not a fighter.

'He was very funny and very well-liked but too easily-led to be honest. He wanted to please people all of the time. He was a very deep person. He never wanted to worry other people.'

Addressing his past, which included an eight-year prison sentence over a 2008 Dublin drugs bust, she added: 'Carl's been described as a drugs baron when nothing could be further from the truth.

'He was arrested in Ireland simply because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He was told to pick up a locked bag he had no idea contained drugs. He only did it because he had just come back from Australia and he had no money and he was getting paid.

'The Spanish police have told me his death has nothing to do with drugs. I believe he was killed because of a romantic triangle, by a man he knew who accused him of dating one of his girlfriends.

'I want answers, who did this to my son and why they did it, but I also want to set the record straight.

'I suspect the people who did this to Carl knew about his past and tried to make it seem as if it was something to do with drugs when it wasn't.

'The other thing I'm sure about is that he wasn't dating Danielle Coupe, the hairdresser that claims to have been his girlfriend.

'Carl had been in a long-term relationship with a fiancee who was back in Ireland and who he had two children with, a daughter of twelve and a son aged three.

'They had been out to Spain to see him shortly before he died and he was trying to patch things up with her. They went out a couple of times a year to see him. He spoke to his children every night on the phone.

'He might have been with Danielle but he wasn't dating her when he died because they had had a fight and he'd finished with her.

'He moved to Spain three years ago for a fresh start and he was just trying to make ends meet. He didn't have any money, he was working in bars and doing odd jobs but he certainly wasn't a drugs baron.

'I've been devastated for months now and I haven't been able to work even or speak to anyone about this.

'I talked to Carl the day before he disappeared and he told me his phone had been stolen and it was like it was a set-up.

'He rang me from a friend's phone and promised to call me once he'd got a new one.

'I told him his grandmother was very sick and asked if he'd have time to talk to her when I was with her. He said he'd ring me the day after which was the Saturday he disappeared but that never happened.

'He told me twice in that last conversation he loved me. Those were his last words, 'I love you mam.

'At the moment I'm waiting to speak to the Irish Embassy in Madrid. I've spoken to my local police who have been onto Interpol.

'They're trying to find out from the Embassy when they're going to release Carl's body so we can bring him home.

'We've had it confirmed it's Carl from tattoos and bars on his legs from a car crash he was in years ago.

'I was prepared for this sort of ending. On the Monday after he was last seen I had visions. I was lying on my bed and asking Carl to send me a message or a sign.

'I got a vision of him in his Communion suit straightaway and then his Confirmation suit. That's when I knew and I started to panic.

'I knew this was never a voluntary disappearance. He talked to his children every day and he talked to me every second day.

'Whoever did this to my son must pay the consequences.'

A Spanish source said: 'Two men and two women have appeared at Torrevieja Court of Investigation Number Two this morning.

'They have been remanded in custody pending an ongoing investigation. The investigation is being treated at this stage as a homicide or murder probe.

'The man suspected of being the material author was among the four that appeared in court.

'The other three are being investigation on suspicion of concealment, although one of the women is also under investigation on suspicion of illegal weapons

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