Justice for woman with multiple personality disorder after paedophile father ...

An elderly father accused of raping his daughter, who would go on to develop a multiple personality disorder, has admitted the charges.  

Richard Haynes fronted the NSW District Court on Friday, where he pleaded guilty to rape, buggery and indecent assault against his daughter Jennifer.

The 74-year-old was extradited from the United Kingdom in February 2017 to face multiple counts of sexual abuse against his daughter in Sydney in the '70s and '80s.

Jennifer Haynes (pictured centre) endured some of the worst sexual abuse ever documented in Australia 

Jennifer Haynes (pictured centre) endured some of the worst sexual abuse ever documented in Australia 

With Ms Haynes looking on from the public gallery, Haynes pleaded guilty to 25 offences, which occurred when she was aged between four and 11. 

Outside court, Ms Haynes told reporters she was stunned but thrilled her father had 'owned up' to what he'd done.

'The guilty plea is my father admitting everything he did and I could not be happier,' she said.

Ms Haynes said she wanted her father to face her in court because he'd previously thought of her as 'not real'.

'I am a blow-up doll ... and today he had to face the blow-up doll and I hope he enjoyed every minute of it,' she said.

The 49-year-old thanked the police and prosecutor Sean Hughes for allowing her to testify despite suffering from dissociative identity disorder - previously known as multiple personality disorder.

Ms Haynes urged other child victims to come forward and issued a warning to their abusers.

'Children remember,' she said.

'We will tell and we will put you in a courtroom ... and you will go to jail.'

The judge had previously made an order allowing Ms Haynes to be identified after she indicated her consent.  

Ms Haynes, surrounded by supporters and family, told the court on Monday she was happy

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