Zookeepers create ‘couple’s retreat’ for giant tortoises in bid to boost ...

Shell we get together? Zookeepers create 'couple's retreat' for 100-year-old giant tortoise Little John and 80-year-old Jean in bid to boost breeding programme Giant tortoise Little John has been moved to a couples retreat with female Jean  The 100-year-old tortoise has been put with Jean in effort to get the pair to breed Little John is taking over from where another male left off with 80-year-old Jean   Melbourne Zoo says it 'rotates' the creatures around to boost breeding efforts  

By Jon Talbot For Daily Mail Australia

Published: 11:51 GMT, 1 March 2019 | Updated: 12:07 GMT, 1 March 2019


Melbourne Zoo's 100-year-old giant tortoise 'Little John' is moving to a couple's retreat with the slightly younger Jean in an effort to get the pair to breed.

Footage from

Little John, who weighs 200kg, getting a ride in a forklift to his new home in another part of the zoo.

The male tortoise is picking up where another male left off with 80-year-old Jean as the pair move in to their new abode.

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