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The Arquettes are an American acting family who have been in show business for three generations. 

Patriarch Cliff Arquette, born in 1904, was a TV actor and comedian who was known for his persona Charley Weaver, which became so popular that he rarely appeared in public not in character. 

He married Julie Harrison in 1934 and they divorced in 1942. He had son Lewis Arquette in 1935 with Mildred Nesbitt Le May, however it is unclear what her relationship was with Cliff.  

Lewis Arquette took after his father and become an actor, as well as a writer and producer. He is known for his roles in Little Nicky, Tango & Cash, The Great Outdoors and starring as J.D. Pickett on The Waltons. 

He married fellow actress and acting coach Brenda Denaut in 1963, going on to have five children together. The family was based in Chicago before moving to a commune near Arlington, Virginia in the mid 1960s.

Patricia Arquette

Patricia Arquette

Both Lewis and Brenda died relatively young, with Brenda dying from breast cancer in 1997 and Lewis dying from congestive heart failure in 2001.  

Rosanna Arquette, 59

Patricia is the eldest of the Arquette siblings, born in New York City in 1959. 

She is known for starring in Desperately Seeking Susan with Madonna in 1985, as well as After Hours, The Big Blue, Pulp Fiction and Crash. 

Patricia also has acting and writing credits. 

Richmond Arquette

Richmond Arquette

She has been married four times, first to Anthony Greco in 1979, then James Newton Howard in 1986, followed by John Sidel in 1993. 

She is currently married to Todd Morgan, tying the knot in 2013. 

Patricia shares her 24-year-old daughter Zoe Bleu with restaurateur Sidel. 

Richmond Arquette, 55

Richmond was born in New York City in 1963. 

He is also an actor, playing minor roles in films such as Zodiac, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Fight Club.

He was nominated for Best Screenplay at the Northeast Film Festival for co-writing Broken Blood in 2013.  

Richmond appears to be single.  

Patrica Arquette, 50 

Patricia Arquette

Patricia Arquette

Patricia is perhaps the best known actor of her family, starring in several movies and TV series, including True Romance, Ed Wood, Flirting with Disaster, Lost Highway, The Hi-Lo Country, Bringing Out the Dead, Holes and Fast Food Nation. 

She ran away aged 15 to join her older sister Rosanna and soon began her acting career in 1987 with Pretty Smart. 

Patricia won the Golden Globe and Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her role in Boyhood in 2015. 

She won the Golden Globe for Best Actress – Miniseries or Television Film for Escape at Dannemora this year. 

Her most recent project is The Act streaming on Hulu and she will also star in Toy Story 4, which is in pre-production.

Patricia was just 20 years old when she gave birth to Enzo Rossi in 1989. She shares the son with her musician ex-boyfriend Paul Rossi. 

She married Nicolas Cage in 1995. The two separated after nine months but kept the news private until Cage filed for divorce in February of 2000. Although they attempted to reconcile and withdrew the divorce petition, Patricia refiled the divorce that November.

Her next relationship was with actor Thomas Jane, becoming

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