Locals compete in Pie Scrambling and Bottle Kicking between two Leicestershire ...

Locals compete in Pie Scrambling and Bottle Kicking between two Leicestershire villages in Easter Monday tradition dating back 1,000 years Residents of two Leicestershire villages competed against each other in a historic Easter Monday tradition The game of 'bottle-kicking' involves locals trying to get a wooden 'bottle' across the rival village boundary Locals were seen piling into a rough scrum to grab the wooden beer cask when the traditional game started The vicar also blessed a hare pie before a procession to the Hare Pie Bank, where the bottle-kicking began 

By Joseph Laws For Mailonline

Published: 21:17 BST, 22 April 2019 | Updated: 01:26 BST, 23 April 2019




Locals in two different villages competed to get a wooden beer cask across each other's boundary line in an Easter Monday tradition.

The tradition of 'bottle-kicking' takes place every Easter Monday in the village of Hallaton, Leicestershire and dates back hundreds of years.

Residents in the villages of Hallaton and Medbourne went against each other in the traditional event, which some claim could have links to Pagan times 1,000 years ago. 

The event is split between the ball game held later in the afternoon, and the scramble with the hare pie thrown into the crowd. 

It reportedly first started when a local vicar gave the Hallaton poor pie and beer every Easter Monday, which Medbourne residents took.

This year's event started with a children's parade from the local Bewicke Arms pub to the parish church, where a service was held. 

A hare pie was then blessed by the Hallaton vicar before it was cut up and handed out at the church gates. 

A parade took place which finished at the top of the village. A procession then went from The Fox Inn pub to the Hare Pie Bank, where the bottle kicking began. 

Locals were seen piling in to grab the wooden casks when the game started. Some had even donned rugby shirts and

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