Racist biker gang tattooed incorrect spelling of 'n***er' on black member's neck

Illiterate racist biker gang members inadvertently curse the West African country of Niger when they try to tattoo a black member with 'f**k you, n***er' after he violated their rules Lucian Evans, Mary Durham and Brandon Hayley, 28, were arrested in January  Evans, 40, Durham and Hayley allegedly tattooed 'F**k you, Niger' on man's neck  Black man, Michael Hart, said they were attempting to write 'F**k you, n***er' Hart, who belongs to Crazy White Boys (CWB) gang, said tattoo was punishment He told police the three white members held him down and knocked him out  When awoke, he felt like he was sodomized and misspelled tattoo was in place 

By Dailymail.com Reporter

Published: 20:22 BST, 3 May 2019 | Updated: 20:23 BST, 3 May 2019


Three white members of a racist Florida gang forcibly tattooed the incorrect spelling of 'n***er' on a black member's neck, police said. 

Lucian Evans, 40, Mary Elizabeth Durham, 35, and Brandon Hayley, 28, all white, were allegedly trying to tattoo the words, 'F**k you, n***er,' on Michael Hart's neck. 

However, they flubbed the tattoo and instead wrote, 'F**k you, Niger,' an insult to the West African nation. 

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