The Brexit Party 29: Meet Nigel Farage's new MEPs

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Nigel Farage will lead an army of 29 new Brexit Party MEPs in Brussels after thrashing the Tories and Labour.

The group, who only joined the party six weeks ago, were elected in a shockwave vote sparked because Britain failed to leave the EU on March 29 this year.

Many of the candidates are political newbies, most have a background in business but others have worked for the NHS, in the media or for Mr Farage himself.  

The eclectic group includes Belinda de Lucy, a mother-of-four, seafood millionaire Lance Forman, and Louis Stedman-Bryce, who stood in Scotland saying that as a gay black man he was 'tired' of the way Brexit voters were portrayed. 

These are the 29 new Brexit Party MEPs that millions of Britons voted to elect last Thursday. 

Mother-of-four Belinda de Lucy who was elected last night

seafood millionaire Lance Forman is also a new MEP

Mother-of-four Belinda de Lucy who was elected as a Brexit Party MEP last night alongside seafood millionaire Lance Forman

Nigel Farage

During nearly three decades in public life, Nigel Farage has risen from a eurosceptic rabble-rouser on the fringes of British politics to a pivotal player reshaping the country's Brexit-dominated landscape.

Farage was a driving force behind the 2016 vote to quit the EU and the 55-year-old has now helped see off two prime ministers after scoring his third political victory in five years in the European Parliament polls held in Britain on Thursday.

The next step in his plan is ti find 650 candidates to stand in the next General Election. 

Ann Widdecombe 

Ann Widdecombe began her career as a Tory councillor in Surrey before being elected to Parliament in 1987.

During her career as an MP she gained notoriety for advocating the death penalty and opposing some gay rights legislation.

After John Major became Prime Minister she was promoted to the front bench as a junior minister. In 1995 she became prisons minister - notably visiting every prison in the UK. 

In 2010 she left Parliament and appeared on Strictly Come Dancing with Anton Du Beke. 

Earlier this year she announced she was defecting from the Tories to the Brexit Party and backing Nigel Farage at the EU elections.

On May 23 she was elected as an MEP for the South West of England.

Annunziata Rees-Mogg

The younger sister of Brexit hardliner Jacob Rees-Mogg was unveiled as the Brexit Party's star candidate.

The 40-year-old married mother of one last appeared on the political stage in 2010 as the Tory candidate in Somerton and Froome, losing the Somerset seat to the Lib Dems by less than 2,000 votes.

Ahead of the poll it was claimed David Cameron asked her to shorten her name to Nancy Mogg - but she refused and later claimed 'I think it's phoney to pretend to be someone you're not'.

Annunziata married former soldier Matthew Glanville in 2010 and they have a daughter, Isadora.

Richard Tice

Brexit Party chairman Richard Tice is a multi-millionaire property developer in charge of a £500 million portfolio. 

He co-founded Leave.EU, which campaigned in the referendum, with Arron Banks. 

Tice, 54, then founded Leave Means Leave to fight for a hard Brexit. 

He regularly appears on TV and radio to make his case. He had been a loyal Tory backer, and was tipped to stand for them in next year's election for London's mayor.

Louis Stedman-Bryce

Louis Stedman-Bryce is the Brexit Party's only Scottish MEP.

He said democracy was being 'betrayed' and as a gay black man he was 'tired' of the way Brexit voters were portrayed.

Mr Stedman Bryce said: 'The perception is we are white, homophobic, racists, and don't know what we voted for. So I stand before you today as a gay black man. And I definitely know what I was voting for. I voted for Brexit.'

He also appeared to break with Nigel Farage during the campaign and said he would not oppose a second Scottish independence referendum.

The care home director said: “If there was a demand for it, we are democrats, we believe in democracy, if the people said that is what they wanted then I don’t feel we would stand in their way.

Ben Habib

Ben Habib is chief executive of First Property, a £730 million portfolio that has made the Anglo-Pakistani magnate millions from investments in office blocks in Central Europe. 

The company has boasted of exploiting 'Brexit nervousness' to maximise profits. 

Mr Habib, who lives in a £6 million mansion in Hampshire with wife Sarah and three children, was previously a lifelong Conservative voter who donated to the party 

Martin Daubney 

Martin Daubney, now a regular TV pundit but the former editor of 1990s 'lads' mag' Loaded, is the son of a Nottinghamshire coal miner and now a West Midlands MEP.

He won plaudits from voters after he said he believed the current Westminster politicians were 'clueless' about the 'real world' of ordinary people's lives and 'don't know what a day's work is'.  

After winning one of three Brexit Party seats in the West Midlands, newly-elected MEP Martin Daubney tweeted: 'I did it! I'm in!'

June Mummery

June Mummery is a member of Fishing For Leave and the managing director of fish market auctioneers BFP Eastern in Lowestoft, Suffolk. Described as a 'veteran Brexiteer' who 'has spent years fighting for the rights of British fisherman by finally taking back controls of our waters', she has claimed some people call her Boadicea, after the British queen who led a doomed uprising against Roman rule almost 2,000 years ago. 

Mummery, 55, backed Brexit for the economic benefits she believes it will bring for the fishing industry, adding: 'At the moment we have about 500 people making a living from fish in the town. If Brexit goes our way, I believe the workforce will double in the next ten to 15 years.' 

Mrs Mummery's daughter Scarlett, 23, who works on oil rigs, has used her model good looks to gain almost 25,000 followers on Instagram.

James Glancy

James Glancy was a Captain in the elite British Royal Marines and Special Boat Service, serving in three combat tours of Afghanistan.

In 2012, he was awarded the Conspicuous Gallantry Cross (CGC) for leadership and bravery on the frontline.

He is now a Director of a conservation charity, Veterans 4 Wildlife, where he focuses on the preservation of African wildlife and combating the global trade in shark fins.

James is currently a host on Discovery Channel's Shark Week and a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.

He says Brexit has made Britain an international laughing stock.

Claire Fox

Former Communist Party member Claire Fox is the director of the Academy of Ideas, which she established to create a public space where ideas can be contested without constraint.

She is a panelist on BBC Radio 4's The Moral Maze and is frequently invited to comment on developments in culture, education, media and free speech issues on TV and radio programmes in the UK such as Newsnight and Any Questions?

She said: 'Don't get me wrong, I'm from the left. If you sat Nigel and I down, I am not going to agree with them on any range of questions. But the question now is whether we are going to let democracy be overturned'. 

Lance Forman

Mr Forman is owner of luxury food company H.Forman and Son, famed for its smoked salmon.

Before taking over the family business, Lance Forman started out as President of the Cambridge Union.

He qualified as a

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