China's president puts out terms for ending the trade war with the U.S.

China's president puts out terms for ending the trade war with the U.S. – demanding stop banning Huawei technology and lift permanent tariffs Chinese President Xi Jinping has developed plans to present to President   The Wall Street Journal reported the terms of what he is seeking just as landed in Japan The two leaders are set to meet on Saturday 's trade negotiators will meet counterparts earlier  China wants ban on U.S. tech sales to telecom giant Huawei  Xi also wants the U.S. to lift tariffs the administration imposed 

By Geoff Earle, Deputy U.s. Political Editor For In Osaka, Japan

Published: 12:51 BST, 27 June 2019 | Updated: 13:56 BST, 27 June 2019



Chinese President Xi Jinping is preparing to present President Donald with a list of demands for ending the U.S. trade war that has rattled markets as prepares to impose an additional $300 in tariffs.

The Wall Street Journal published China's latest demands almost precisely as landed in Osaka.

One of China's key demands is for the U.S. to pull back a ban on U.S. technology sales to telecom giant Huawei,

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