Paedophile Vanessa George convinced parole board to free her by taking ...

Britain's most notorious female paedophile convinced the parole board to release her after having treatment to boost her 'self-esteem' - as a father of one of her potential victims claimed he would kill her if he ever saw her out on the street.

Vanessa George, 49, photographed herself abusing dozens of babies and toddlers she was paid to care for at a Plymouth nursery and sent the sickening images to fellow perverts. 

But last night it emerged that George has been cleared for release from her open prison and will out in September after less than a decade behind bars. 

George, who still weighs more than 18-stone, will be banned from returning to Plymouth or having any time alone with children.

She will live in a bail hostel using the name Vanessa Marks - her maiden name - because a new identity is 'out of the question', a Ministry of Justice source told MailOnline. 

One father, who is still unaware if his young daughter was among George's victims given that she refuses to name them all, called the decision 'disgusting'. 

Vanessa George, 49, photographed herself abusing dozens of babies and toddlers at the Plymouth nursery where she world and sent the sickening images to fellow perverts

Vanessa George, 49, of Plymouth, Devon, was jailed for a minimum of seven years in 2009

Vanessa George, 49, (left on a night out with friends) was jailed in 2009 (right in her mugshot) for abusing children at a Plymouth nursery and will now be released after showing remorse and having therapy to tackle issues with her self esteem and confidence

He told the Sun Online: 'If I see her I will kill her, all bets off. Even if my daughter wasn't [one of the ones abused].

'The whole process from start to finish - even up to today - has been a mess. She should never be released. We had no sleep at all last night.

'The parents, myself included, have been offered no support. We’ve had this dropped on us and just left. Only the probation service have offered some support.' 

The Parole Board's report said George had 'presented as showing remorse for her actions' during interviews during May and July this year.

But her ex-husband Andrew, 51, who divorced her after learning of her appalling abuse, fears she had 'manipulated' board members. 

He said: 'I am staggered. Vanessa is manipulative and she's like the leopard which never changes its spots. She should have stayed locked up.' 

Why has Vanessa George been cleared for release?

The Parole Board's reasons for releasing Vanessa George have been made public today.

The parole board accepted her assertion she posed a reduced risk of reoffending because:

George gave evidence 'showing remorse for her actions'  She has had treatment that 'assisted her in developing insight into the impact of her offending on the victims' Former nursery worker has agreed to 'very strict and extensive licence conditions, requiring Ms George to live at an address approved by professionals as well as preventing her from using social media and restricting her movements'

Doctors have warned Mr George that he may be suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and he says her crimes had left him a 'broken man'. Their two teenage daughters have also disowned their mother.

He added: 'While she'll be returned to society, possibly with a new look and identity, I face a life sentence knowing that for me this nightmare will never disappear'.

The Parole Board's report explains that she has recently attended courses to address 'risk factors' at the time she was abusing dozens of children in her care.

These taxpayer-funded lessons included helping her tackle 'being self-centred, being desperately keen to be liked and avoid confrontation, low self-esteem, insecurity and dependency', the document reveals. 

The Parole Board report, published by MailOnline today, says the risk of her reoffending has reduced having 'showed remorse' for abusing up to 30 infants in her care.

But a source said she has still not identified all her victims despite parents of infants at Little Ted's Nursery in Plymouth, Devon, having spent a decade wrestling with the agony of not knowing what happened to their children. 

She has refused to name them despite trial judge Mr Justice Royce pleading with her, saying: 'If I were a parent, I would want to know.'

In their report (pictured) the Parole Board directed release having been 'satisfied that it was no longer necessary for the protection of the public that Ms George remained confined in prison'

In their report (pictured) the Parole Board directed release having been 'satisfied that it was no longer necessary for the protection of the public that Ms George remained confined in prison'

George will face strict conditions when she walks out of prison, probably in September. She will be banned from using social media, having any contact with children and going to the Plymouth area. 

A fellow paroled female inmate has given a rare insight into the restrictions a new look George faces on the outside.

'If she meets a new man, she'll have to inform her social workers,' she insisted.

Crime that shocked the nation

The depravity of Vanessa George’s crimes shocked the nation.

George admitted 13 sexual assault charges in October 2009, but the depraved classroom assistant maintained a cruel silence over the names of children she sexually assaulted.

She and her accomplices, Colin Blanchard and Angela Allen, became ‘Facebook friends’ before setting up a three-way communication network through which they exchanged thousands of increasingly explicit messages.

They used mobile phones to film and send images of what a senior police officer described as ‘child abuse in its most horrific and devilish form’.

Police believe George came into contact with nearly 200 children while working at Little Ted’s Nursery, although they shortlisted the number of victims abused to up to 30. Their faces were not shown in the images, which made identification impossible.


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