Fantasist Carl Beech who invented VIP paedophile ring is found guilty of LYING

Fantasist: Carl Beech was today confirmed as one of Britain's most notorious liars as he was found guilty of completely making up claims about a VIP paedophile gang

Fantasist: Carl Beech was today confirmed as one of Britain's most notorious liars as he was found guilty of completely making up claims about a VIP paedophile gang

The lying, debt-ridden paedophile dubbed 'Nick' who made up preposterous tales of a murderous VIP child sex abuse ring and ruined the lives and reputations of some of Britain's most distinguished public servants was today found guilty of perverting the course of justice and fraud.

Carl Beech's lies were swallowed by bungling Scotland Yard detectives who launched a £2.5million taxpayer-funded witch hunt that resulted in Thatcher's Home Secretary Lord Brittan dying under a cloud of suspicion and an ex-Tory MP losing his job and home. 

Today former nurse turned NHS manager Beech is confirmed as one of Britain's most malicious and monstrous liars.

A jury at Newcastle Crown Court took just a few hours to convict him of perverting the course of justice and fraud and he now faces years in prison.

It can also be revealed that, last year, he was convicted of child porn charges - carried out while he falsely claimed to be a victim of child abuse himself - and himself was branded a 'committed and manipulative' paedophile. 

Huge questions remain over how the nation's biggest police force failed to test his paper-thin claims about some of the UK's most towering establishment figures and why they spent almost 18 months insisting his allegations of paedophilia, abuse and murder were 'credible and true'.

MailOnline can reveal today that three detectives being investigated over their handling of the case, dubbed 'Operation Midland', have been allowed to quietly retire with their pensions intact.  

Beech, 51, the son of a vicar, had lived a mundane suburban life in Gloucester where he had been a care manager in the NHS and a school governor.

But in a quest for attention and money he cooked up a VIP paedophile ring using newspaper cuttings and Google results before he spoke to police in 2014, two years after the Jimmy Savile scandal came to light. He was later awarded £22,000 from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority and spent £10,000 on a Ford Mustang. 

Beech wiping a wear a tear as he tells police how he saw his friend 'Scott' run over and killed by the supposed paedophile ring. Scott never existed

Beech wiping a wear a tear as he tells police how he saw his friend 'Scott' run over and killed by the supposed paedophile ring. Scott never existed  

Beech was given the moniker 'Nick' by officers to protect his identity while he was spinning lies that would send a wrecking ball through the reputations of some of Britain's most celebrated public servants. 

His ludicrous claims came months after police were shamed after it was revealed they had missed chance-after-chance to investigate paedophile Jimmy Savile's abuse of children on an industrial scale.

Met detectives pursued Beech's fabricated claims with zeal, raiding the homes of former Home Secretary Lord Brittan and former head of Britain's Armed Forces Lord Bramall, seizing their belongings without a shred of evidence they had abused him.

He even claimed former Tory MP Harvey Proctor tried to castrate him with a penknife and later murdered another boy called 'Scott' in front of him by stabbing him for 40 minutes with a kitchen knife. 

Police also probed claims that ex-Prime Minister Sir Edward Heath abused him on a double bed inside his yacht Morning Cloud - even though a quick check would have revealed there was only room for hammocks in the narrow racing boat.  

And ex-head of MI5 Michael Hanley, ex-head of MI6 Maurice Oldfield and Labour MP Greville Janner were also accused of being part of a paedophile ring operating in the luxury Dolphin Square apartment block near Parliament and inside one of London's most exclusive private clubs. 

Edward Heath was among those about whom false claims were made

Leon Brittan was among those about whom false claims were made

Beech made claims that former PM Edward Heath (left), ex-home secretary Leon Brittan (right) and others including Proctor were part of a child abuse ring

Scotland Yard then spent £2.5million running its Operation Midland probe into the Westminster paedophile scandal that would produce zero prosecutions. 

'Nick' also had the backing of Labour deputy leader Tom Watson who championed his claims - which largely centered on Tories - as evidence of a 'powerful paedophile network linked to Parliament and No 10' and Beech bragged to police that the MP was part of a 'little group supporting me'.

And Beech, who was heavily in debt, eventually claimed £22,000 in compensation for his made up ordeal and hoped to go on to make a comfortable living on the 'abuse survivors' speaking circuit before his lies were finally exposed.

Among the ludicrous claims by Beech, initially believed by police, were:

He saw Harvey Proctor, then a Tory MP, murder a boy after tying him to a table, torturing and raping him at a sex party at a London townhouse Former Prime Minister Ted Heath abused him on his yacht and was part of a shadowy ring of high society paedophiles called 'The Group' The heads of MI5 and MI6 and top generals were part of 'The Group' and filmed themselves raping boys, torturing them with spiders  Ex-Home Secretary Leon Brittan raped him while holding his head under water  The head of MI5 kidnapped Beech's dog as punishment for missing a meeting Former head of the Army Lord Bramall repeatedly raped him The Group deliberately ran over and killed one of Beech's young friends  Nick and two other boys were ordered to choose which of them would be murdered before one was beaten to death at a paedophile party  

Wrongly accused former MP Harvey Proctor gave evidence at the trial

General Sir Hugh Beach branded claims he was part of a VIP sex ring 'beyond grotesque' when he gave evidence at the trial via a videolink

Wrongly accused former MP Harvey Proctor and General Sir Hugh Beach gave evidence at the trial

MailOnline can reveal there were stifled laughs at his Newcastle Crown Court trial as Beech told them his abusers flew him to Paris in a 747 jumbo jet they rented to take him to an 'abuse party' in the French capital - but had forgotten to tell police.

Carl Beech's lies: He concocted extreme claims that unravelled as the case unfolded 

His claim: Ex-Tory MP Harvey Proctor tried to castrate me with a pen knife and made me keep the blade 

The truth: The knife belonged to his grandmother and he kept it in a 'happy memories' box 

His claim: VIP paedophiles abused me in the Dolphin Square pool

The truth: He had never been to Dolphin Square and used a Culture Club video to make a totally incorrect sketch of the pool 

His claim: Paedophiles exploited my fear of water 

The truth: He has no fear of water and photos show him swimming throughout his life

His claim: I have to live with a litany of injuries 

The truth: His body has no evidence of injuries 

His claim: My fellow victim Fred will corroborate my story 

The truth: 'Fred's' email account was created by Beech 

 His claim: I was abused by Labour MP at the Carlton Club 

The truth: Only Conservtive MPs can attend the Carlton Club 

His claim:  I haven't googled my abusers

The truth: He had 

Scroll to the bottom of this article for a full description of how his lies were exposed 

He also said VIPs stabbed while he was used as a 'human dartboard' common in a circus and said his tormentors used snakes and spiders to bite him, spiked him with needles, burned him and beat him so badly he suffered broken bones.

Police appeared to accept all these outlandish and incredible claims but a medical examination would later reveal he had no historic injuries, scars, or healed bone fractures of any kind. 

Police officers called Beech's claims 'credible and true' in an incredible public statement and investigated them for more than a year in Operation Midland.

Mr Watson said Beech's claims left 'no doubt in my mind that sexual abuse by powerful figures took place.'

At his trial, Beech described Watson as 'part of the little group supporting me and putting my information out there.' 

Heavy-handed officers investigating the claims raided the homes of Lord Bramall, Mr Proctor and Lord Brittan who died while the investigation was still active. 

The three men suffered 'immeasurable distress' and Lord Bramall's wife died during the investigation. 

But in reality Beech was a 40-something divorcee paedophile from Gloucester in desperate need of attention - who named the high profile figures after being shown their photos by a journalist at Exaro website and browsing the internet. 

Beech's claims began as he claimed £22,000 in victim compensation for his supposed ordeal and hoped to go on to make a comfortable living on the 'abuse survivors' speaking circuit.

By the time police raided his home in 2016 after his claims had been proved false, he had already purchased a £34,000 Ford Mustang sports car with his compensation money.  

The former-nurse's wife, Dawn, had left him after years of complaining about his poor personal hygiene and problems with 'intimacy'.

He had debts of £70,000 and had repeatedly told his wife about how he had been abuse by his violent army officer stepfather, but never mentioned any other abusers. 

Carl Beech pictured above on his wedding day

Dawn Beech said there were problems with 'intimacy' in their marriage

Unhappy marriage: Beech's ex-wife Dawn Beech divorced him in 2014, just before he went to police with the fantastical stories about a VIP paedophile ring

He had one son who he would ultimately try to blame for child porn that was found on his iPad after his claims were shown to be false.    

His wife also suspects that a non-fiction book her husband wrote about being a nurse, under the pseudonym Lucy Samuels, was made-up. It featured tales of a three-year-old girl who arrived at hospital without any adult supervision and told medics to 'f*** off'. 

Carl Beech is himself a convicted paedophile after child porn and 'peeping' pictures he took were found on his iPad 

After Carl Beech's claims were debunked, officers found child abuse images on his iPad along with covert images of boys taken by him, and recordings.

An app disguised as a calculator stored indecent images of boys and the code to unlock the images matched the last four digits of his NHS office phone number.

But Beech tried to deflected blame onto his teenage son and his mother, saying: 'My son uses it to watch Youtube videos and my mum uses it, everyone knows the code.'

And his trial was told that is fantastical tales of murderous paedophile MPs appeared to be based on a book called How I Survived A Child Porn Ring by Timmy Fielding.  

Beech began the VIP peadophile ring deception in 2012 after his divorce, when he went to police and told them he was raped as a child by his Army major stepfather. He also claimed Jimmy Saville had raped him as part of a shadowy paedophile ring called 'The Group'.

His claims to officers with Operation Yewtree, who were focusing primarily on the crimes of Savile after his death in 2011 - did not result in any further action. Beech had previously told his wife in 1990 about being sexually abused by his stepfather.

At this stage there was no mention of Edward Heath, Harvey Proctor, Leon Brittain or any other senior intelligence and military figures he went on to accuse two years later. 

And while he was making the claims to police, Beech was himself a paedophile. 

As his lies finally started to fall apart in 2016, officers found a secret app on his iPad that contained child pornography. He would also later admit recording a young boy on a toilet and prosecutors described him as a 'committed paedophile'. 


Labour deputy leader Tom Watson

Exaro reporter Mark Conrad

Labour Deputy leader Tom Watson, left, invited Beech to his office and later went public with claims that he there was 'clear intelligence suggesting a powerful paedophile network linked to Parliament and No 10'. Exaro reporter Mark Conrad, right, contacted Beech after seeing his blog. He showed him photos of people the fantasist would then go on to accuse

Tom Watson MUST quit for 'politicising' Beech's lies to rise up Labour ranks, says son of Lord Janner

Tom Watson should quit as an MP after he used Carl Beech's lies to unleash a 'political bandwagon' that took him to the very top of Labour, the son of the late peer Greville Janner told MailOnline today. 

Daniel Janner QC also called him a hypocrite for the moral stance he is taking on his party's anti-Semitism crisis after creating a 'moral panic' about the Westminster VIP paedophile ring invented by Beech. 

Mr Janner, whose father Lord Janner was falsely accused of rape by Nick, told MailOnline today: 'Tom Watson should resign. He appointed himself Britain's chief paedo-finder general and created a moral panic by swallowing Beech's lies and spreading them. 

In April 2014, two years after his first allegation, Carl Beech started blogging about his 'experiences' at the hands of the supposed child sex abuse ring on a survivors' website called The Tangled Web. 

His blog was seen by Exaro journalist Mark Conrad who contacted him for further information. Once they met, Conrad showed him photographs of people 'to see if there was anyone that I recognised'    

Conrad showed him a selection of 42 pictures in a dossier including the pictures of high profile military and political figures he accused, the trial head.  

Beech told police: 'I was just asked to mark on them if I recognised them, and if I did recognise them and they took part in the abuse.

'Then he had a whole bunch of photos that I just looked through.'

Beech added: 'I picked them out, I didn't know either their first name or their surname, some of them I knew what they did. That made a difference. He [Conrad] has not told me how he has found out who they were. 

'It really helps me because it fills another blank, it just puts another piece of the jigsaw in place, but it's annoying and he knows that.' 

At this time Tom Watson first became involved, inviting Beech to his office in Parliament.

News reports: The Exaro News website published reports of  a paedophile ring operating at the Dolphin Square apartments. It also took credit for police launching an investigation

News reports: The Exaro News website published reports of  a paedophile ring operating at the Dolphin Square apartments. It also took credit for police launching an investigation  

Describing the encounter months later, Watson said: 'it was a very, very traumatic and difficult conversation, as you would imagine. He only told me about one murder. He spoke very slowly, very intermittently, and I didn't need to hear any more.' 

At his trial, Beech described Watson as 'part of the little group supporting me and putting my information out there to encourage other people to come forward — hence the piece they did on Dolphin Square.

The Met's Detective Superintendent Kenny McDonald described Beech's claims as 'credible and true'

The Met's Detective Superintendent Kenny McDonald described Beech's claims as 'credible and true'  

'I went to meet Tom Watson in his office and talked to him at some length when they put that bit out there. It has been a positive experience for me.'

Watson also said: 'What I'm certain of is that he's not delusional. He is either telling the truth, or he's made up a meticulous and elaborate story. It's not for me to judge.' 

'What I was hoping to do was build a relationship with him and get him back into the system, so he could make his allegations to the police. And to make sure that he had a degree of protection. With all the things that come from making these sort of allegations.'

Beech emailed Detective Sergeant James Townly of the Metropolitan Police's Specialist Operations unit in October 2014, to say he could help with the Met's ongoing investigation into allegations that high-ranking paedophiles had operated out of Dolphin Square, London.   

He said he was nervous and needed to feel safe, and asked whether Mr Conrad could attend their meeting.

They initially met at a Gloucestershire police station for around 20 to 30 minutes, the court heard, and Beech explained he had gone through therapy since 2012 and was ready to speak to the police again. 

He provided the detective with a list of typed names, some of which were underlined.

In the video of his police interview, played today for the jury in Newcastle, Lord Bramall says: ''Please report to your superiors and say there is no evidence, there is no case to answer. Make it clear I am no longer a suspect'

In the video of his police interview, played today for the jury in Newcastle, Lord Bramall says: ''Please report to your superiors and say there is no evidence, there is no case to answer. Make it clear I am no longer a suspect'

In the same month, Watson bolstered Beech's credibility by using the legal protection afforded to MPs in the Commons to say there was 'clear evidence of a powerful paedophile network linked to Parliament and No 10' the fantasist had invented.  

Throughout this period Mr Watson and Exaro enjoyed a close relationship.

Watson was quoted in a series of Exaro stories about paedophile abuse while he in turn tweeted enthusiastically about the website. One tweet said: 'I've spent all week telling reporters to phone Exaro if they want to know what's going on.'

BBC News also bought into Nick and his claims. In December 2014, Nick's interview with BBC News about his alleged child sex ordeal was broadcast on primetime news bulletins.

One journalist was so excited that he is alleged to have described it as potentially 'the biggest political scandal since Watergate'. 

The Mail was first to throw doubt on Nick's credibility, as early as 2015. 

After the claims fell apart, Exaro shut down in July 2016, with founding editor Mark Watts dismissed.

Following the shuttering, BBC Panorama editor Ceri Thomas called Exaro an 'unpleasant and wrong-headed' organisation which had 'done damage' to public interest journalism. 

He accused the site of publishing without supporting evidence and said it had been 'the most shameful piece of work in this area in recent times.'



Lord Bramall 

General Sir Edwin Bramall, Chief of Defence Staff

General Sir Edwin Bramall, Chief of Defence Staff

Edwin Bramall joined the Army in 1943 and stormed the beaches of Normandy as a 2nd Lieutenant. He fought until the end of the war and was awarded a Military Cross 

He rose steadily through the ranks and became a general in 1972. From 1979-82 he was Chief of the General staff, head of the Army, and from 1982-85 he was Chief of the Defence Staff, head of Britain's armed forces. 

Sir Michael Hanley

Sir Michael Hanley - former director of MI5

Sir Michael Hanley, former head of MI5

Michael Hanley was the head of MI5 from 1972-1978 after serving in the Army in the Second World War. 

He died in 2001.

 Sir Maurice Oldfield

Former Head Of British Intelligence Sir Maurice Oldfield

Sir Maurice Oldfieid, former head of MI6

Maurice Oldfield was the head of MI6 from 1973-1978.  He served in Egypt, Singapore and Washington. 

He died in 1981.   

Lord Brittan 

Former Home Secretary Lord Brittan

Former Home Secretary Lord Brittan

Leon Brittan became a Conservative MP in 1974 and was appointed Margaret Thatcher's Home Secretary in 1983.

He was appointed a commissioner at the EU in 1989 and served until 1999. He was made a Lord in 2000 and was vice chairman of UBS AG investment bank. 

He died in 2015 under a cloud of suspicion. 

Ted Heath 

Ted Heath on the day he became PM

Ted Heath on the day he became PM

Was prime minister from 1970 to 1974, and a Conservative MP from 1950 to 2001. 

He died aged 87 in 2003.  

Harvey Proctor

Harvey Proctor

Harvey Proctor 

Harvey Proctor was a Conservative MP from 1979-1987. In 1986 a newspaper reported that he had sexual relationships with men under 21, which was then the age of consent for homosexual relationships. 

He resigned and started a shirt company. 

 Greville Janner 

Greville Janner

Greville Janner 

Greville Janner was a Labour MP from 1970 until 1997, when he became a Lord. 

He died in 2015 before the investigation into Nick's claims was dropped 

In November 2014, amid frenzied public interest in the VIP paedophile saga, the Met dramatically launched Operation Midland. 

Detective Superintendent Kenny McDonald described Beech's allegations of years of abuse at the hands of VIPs in Westminster as 'credible and true' and made an appeal for witnesses. 

Officers have since come under criticism for their conduct  - including the policy of unconditionally believing the claims of people who say they have been sexually abused.

This attitude stemmed from the fall-out of the Jimmy Savile sexual abuse revelations and then Director of Public Prosecutions Sir Keir Starmer had changed CPS' guidance.

A series of police raids then ensued on the surviving elderly public figures that Beech had named.  

Lord Brittain died in January 2015 under a cloud of suspicion and Tom Watson said after his death that he was 'as close to evil as any human could get'. 

Lord Brittan's family said the Met had hounded him in life and death and eams of police searched Lord Brittan's homes in early March 2015 - six weeks after he died aged 75. 

In March 2015, twenty officers including at least one in body armour searched the home of D-Day hero and former army chief Lord Bramall and his dying wife.

The raids were considered so heavy handed that Leon Brittan's widow Diana and Edwin Bramall received about £100,000 in compensation payouts. 

The homes of Harvey Proctor, the former Tory MP. 

Last year a review of the flawed investigation said the police had acted as if they were 'looking for bodies or bodies parts', when carrying out the searches.  

Lord Bramall, then 91, was interviewed by police for 100 minutes over Beech's claims - including allegations made by Beech that he had spiders tipped over him by his abusers and that he forced Beech to eat his own vomit after making him perform a sex act.

When Lord Bramall was asked about sex orgies in swimming pools and whether he could swim, he snapped to Detective Constable Gavin Sealey: 'I landed at Normandy and I jolly nearly had to swim.' 

Harvey Proctor's house was raided and searched for 15 hours and he learned he himself was accused. He then lost his job organising weddings and events on the Duke and Duchess of Rutland's estate, and lost his home on the estate.  

At Beech's trial, he broke down in tears as he recounted seeing his face 'looking back at me' on the television the morning after his house was raided.

'There was a story running at the head of the BBC news on TV that my house had been searched in connection with historic child sexual abuse including child murders.'

He then called Radio 4, which was covering the raid, and denied any involvement in the offences alleged live on air.

When he became aware of the details of the allegations Mr Proctor was horrified.

He said: 'They were horrendous, horrible, heinous allegations, the worst thing one human being can say about another, it was all untrue. 

Several months later he was finally given the witness statement 'Nick' had given. It accused him of tying a boy to a table, stabbing him, raping him and strangling him to death. Beech also accused him of beating another boy to death. 

He said: 'The difficulty was defending myself against these monstrous allegations. How do you defend yourself from things that didn't happen? 

'I thought it was going to be very difficult to prove where I was at any one particular time. The range of dates was so great that it would be impossible prove where I was over a period of 18 months. 

Mr Proctor described being 'very direct and forceful with police in a six-hour interview on June 18 2015.

He said: 'I'd wanted the opportunity to put my side of the case and question the police officers about what they said I had done. It was tiring answering questions for such a period of time on a subject that was unpleasant and distasteful. I had a duty to myself to persuade the police they were being taken for a ride.' 

In August 2015 he underwent a second interview for a further two hours and afterwards held a press conference blasting the accusations and declaring his innocence. 

He called the investigation a 'homphobic witch hunt' and said: 'I'm completely innocent of all these allegations. I'm a homosexual. I'm not a murderer or a paedophile. This whole catalogue of events has wrecked my life.'  

'The police involved in Operation Midland are in a cleft stick of their own making. They are in a quandary. Support the 'victim' however ludicrous his allegations or own up that they got it disastrously wrong but risk the charge of a cover up.' 


In his new version of events that provoked the raids, Beech said the abuse began with his stepfather Major Ray Beech after he and his mother Charmian, now a retired vicar, moved into the officer's Wiltshire home in the mid-1970s.

He said that in 1976 he was taken to a wildlife park by his stepfather, accompanied by a friend, John, and John's stepfather, also an Army officer.

'John and I were taken into the toilets by our respective stepfathers,' he told the jury, and raped for the first time.

'I did not know what was happening. I tried to struggle and scream and I could not.'

He was later taken to Erskine Barracks by his stepfather, who is now dead. Beech told the jury: 'He took me into offices. There was one man in the office and I was introduced to General [now Lord] Bramall. Before that I didn't know who he was.

'He asked my stepfather to leave, or to wait outside rather.

'I wasn't in there for very long and he touched my head and he touched my body. I had to undress and then had to dress again. He didn't say anything, nothing at all.

'We left to go home, my stepfather was happy, he said I had done well but I don't know what I did but he seemed in a lighter mood I suppose, which I wasn't used to seeing.'

He said he then met Lord Bramall again at a house 'within a few days' of the first incident.

Beech said: 'My stepfather took me. We went into the back living room area. General Bramall was there, there were two other people who I was introduced to and another person, I don't know who he was.  

'I was asked to undress and turn around I suppose for want of a better word and then dress again.'


He then claimed he was taken to 'Imber', a deserted village on Salibury Plain where he was raped by Lord Bramall and tortured by  former MI5 boss Sir Michael Hanley and Sir Maurice Oldfield, a former head of MI6, 

He said they used him as a human dartboard, poured spiders over his head and gave him electric shocks.  

He said: 'Michael Hanley was someone to take notice of, he seemed important but no emotion at all. I remember the threats [from Sir Michael Hanley] more than anything.' 

He said: 'They wanted to humiliate, to scare and to inflict pain.

'There was sexual abuse as well. I don't think Michael or Maurice did anything at that stage. Michael didn't physically do it himself, just instigated it.

'It was stabbing in the feet and the hands. I had darts thrown at me. I was the dartboard in effect.

'And electrocution as well. They held up these wires which sparked when they touched.

'They put them against me. My knees initially and then between my legs. It was a different form of pain, just excruciating pain, like you would explode.'

He claims the top spies video taped the attacks, and gave police a sketchbook that he said how the abuse took place.   


 Beech also claimed around this time he was raped by Jimmy Savile at a meeting of 'the Group. He said he never saw Saville's face but recognised his voice. 

He told the trial: 'It was his voice, his mannerisms, I am not sure it had sunk in at that stage. I had seen him on TV, I used to watch Jim'll Fix It, part of your brain thinks it couldn't possibly have been him. 

'He was there as a guest because they said they were having a guest. They didn't say Jimmy Savile, just a guest.'

He alleged Savile raped him 'over the bath... there was water in it'.


Beech said he moved to Kingston upon Thames in south west London with his mother, but the VIP paedophile ring found him again. 

He says MI5 chief Sir Michael approached him as he walked home from school.

He said: 'He said it wasn't over, they hadn't finished with me. It carried on and I had to be at a certain place for the next meeting.' 

In a body map provided to the police, Carl Beech claimed he had suffered a horrendous catalogue of injuries including broken bones (marked in green), burns (red), needle punctures (blue), snake bites (purple), bruising (yellow) and objects inserted into him (pink). A medical examination found no sign of any injuries, scars, or healed bone fractures

In a body map provided to the police, Carl Beech claimed he had suffered a horrendous catalogue of injuries including broken bones (marked in green), burns (red), needle punctures (blue), snake bites (purple), bruising (yellow) and objects inserted into him (pink). A medical examination found no sign of any injuries, scars, or healed bone fractures

Beech claimed Sir Michael punished him for missing an abuse 'meeting', with The Group kidnapping his dog Heron when 'she was out on a walk with my mum and her auntie'.

'Michael told me the dog had gone because I'd failed to turn up. He said they had got her and it was a lesser punishment for not remembering what I should have remembered and being where I should have been.

'He spoke to me as I was just going or coming from school. He said it was a warning and I wasn't to forget again, and if I did then she would not come back.

'She did come back. We got a call from a local police station saying she had been found or handed in and we went to get her.'


Beech told the court how Sir Edward Heath met him at London's exclusive Carlton Club and called himself 'Edward'. He also claims Labour MP Greville Janner was there, despite the club only being for Tory MPs. 

'He told me he used to run the country. That meant nothing at all to me at that stage,' Beech said.

'It was probably not until my 20s or so that I realised what that meant. There were other people there but he was on his own in a room at the back.

'Harvey [Proctor], Leon [Brittan] and Michael [Hanley] were definitely there. They were separate. 

'I only saw Edward Heath and Harvey Proctor together once.'

Mr Thompson asked: 'What about Harvey Proctor?' Beech said he had to perform a sex act on the former Tory MP but Sir Edward stopped Mr Proctor 'hurting me', adding: 'He was going

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