Rage of Jeffrey Epstein girl's father

Ghislaine Maxwell must be ‘hunted down’ to face questions over the Jeffrey Epstein ‘sex slave’ scandal, the father of an alleged victim demanded yesterday.

In a blistering interview with the Mail, Sky Roberts repeated his daughter Virginia’s claims that Miss Maxwell groomed the teenager to have sex with Epstein.

His daughter also claims Epstein forced her to have sex with a series of rich and powerful men when she was just 17.

Miss Roberts has claimed in legal documents she was flown to London where she met Prince Andrew and had sex with him in 2001.

A photo of Andrew grinning with his arm around the bare midriff of Miss Roberts when she was a teenager has become the defining image of the scandal.

Prince Andrew has always denied Miss Roberts’ allegations, which have been struck from the record by a US judge.

Grinning: Prince Andrew with his arm around Virginia Roberts at an Epstein party in London in 2001, with Ghislaine Maxwell behind

Grinning: Prince Andrew with his arm around Virginia Roberts at an Epstein party in London in 2001, with Ghislaine Maxwell behind

Miss Roberts’ father, a retired engineer from Summerville in Florida, said the prince ‘has to live with’ the fact he was a friend of Epstein and appeared in the photograph.

Mr Roberts, 63, spoke out days after Epstein, 66, took his own life at a high security prison in New York – a day after the federal court released 2,000 pages of damning documents.

He said the world is a ‘better place’ without Epstein, but called on the FBI to arrest Miss Maxwell over allegations she recruited underage girls for the financier. ‘Jeffrey is evil and got what is coming to him,’ said Mr Roberts, who once worked at Mar-a-Lago, Donald ’s Palm Beach resort. ‘He is not a good guy. It is an evil thing for a man to do that to a woman.

‘But Maxwell, she is really to blame too. She was the only one who came to the club and met these young girls. The authorities need to hunt her down and she needs to face justice. Maxwell knows it all. She is the key to finding everything out.

‘They don’t know where she is at right now, but I think she is the one who should be going through it. She is the one who recruited.

‘I know Jeffrey was a big part of it because he was the money guy.

‘But Maxwell had money too. She was recruiting and bringing them there.’

Some reports suggested the socialite had started to co-operate with the FBI and provide details of her alleged recruitment of girls.

Happy childhood: Virginia Roberts aged seven with her father Sky

 Happy childhood: Virginia Roberts aged seven with her father Sky

Her current whereabouts are unknown and sources close to her claim she planned to ‘totally disappear’. Miss Maxwell, 57, denies any wrongdoing. Mr Roberts spoke out after the Mail unearthed pictures of a girl, thought to be his daughter, seemingly being paraded at VIP parties.

In the disturbing images, the girl appears to be wearing the same clothes as when she posed for the earlier photograph with Andrew.

Mr Roberts, who now raises horses on his five-acre ranch, said: ‘I don’t know the full facts about Prince Andrew, as far as did he think she was 18 at the time.

‘She probably looked 18 but she wasn’t. I don’t really know what he did but I guess he was trying to date my daughter.

‘He knows the truth and has to live with what has happened.’

Miss Roberts detailed her accusations against Prince Andrew in legal papers which were filed in a 2015 civil case against Epstein in a Florida court.

In the documents, she said she was recruited to serve as Epstein’s ‘sex slave’ and claimed she went on to have sex with the Duke of York on three occasions in London, New York and the Caribbean. A judge later threw out these allegations and ordered them to be struck from the record for being ‘immaterial and impertinent’.

Prince Andrew has strenuously denied the allegations of ‘impropriety with underage minors’ as ‘categorically untrue’.

However, Mr Roberts said: ‘I have no reason to doubt anything that Virginia has said.

‘She has no reason to lie and she has never lied to me. She is a very good and honest person.’

The legal papers name a number of Epstein’s high-profile friends who are also accused of sexual misconduct with the women.

Sky Roberts

Virginia Roberts

Still anguished: Sky Roberts, 63, at his ranch (pictured left) and daughter Virginia (right)

‘There wasn’t just one person involved,’ Mr Roberts said. ‘Jeffrey was close to all sorts of people, including the Clintons, so someone must have helped him along the way. He had a lot of friends in high places.

‘The investigations need to continue and anyone who is proven to have committed wrongdoings needs to face justice. He could not have done it all by himself.’

Miss Roberts claims she was recruited by Miss Maxwell and Epstein when she worked at Mar-a-Lago – a job she only got because her father was an engineer there.

In the court documents, she says she was groomed in 1999 when she was just 15 and ‘worked’ for Epstein until 2002.

As a teenager, Miss Roberts was flown to the south of France on Epstein’s

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