Devastated mother, 25, tells how the first funeral she ever attended was for ...

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A devastated mother has described the heartache of having the first funeral she ever attended being for her own baby daughter.

Jade Smith had been over-the-moon to learn she was pregnant after watching her friends enjoying 'mummy stuff' together - and the first six months passed relatively smoothly.

On February 28, Jade started to notice reduced movements, yet despite mentioning it at a gestational diabetes appointment that day, doctors claimed the little one was 'thriving'.

But the 25-year-old's life 'completely changed' forever just one day later as her routine 36-week scan ended with the devastating news her baby girl had passed away.

Jade Smith (pictured) had been over-the-moon to learn she was pregnant after watching her friends enjoying 'mummy stuff' together

Jade Smith (pictured) had been over-the-moon to learn she was pregnant after watching her friends enjoying 'mummy stuff' together 

Heartbroken by the loss of her daughter, Jade says she was then left on a labour ward to process what had happened - while mothers and their new babies surrounded her.

Despite being 25 years old, Jade had never had to go to a funeral before and faced the unimaginable experience of her first one being for her own daughter.

Now she finally feels ready to speak out and raise awareness about the dangers of reduced foetal movement and is calling on it to be treated more seriously.

Jade, from Raynes Park, south London, said: 'The midwife looked at me and just said 'your baby's gone'.

'My mum was screaming and had a breakdown. I didn't understand.

'I was pushing my belly expecting her to move - she'd been moving that morning.

'[After I gave birth to her and] she was placed in my arms, it was the worst feeling in the world.

'Darcie-Rose's was the first funeral I'd ever been to and for that to be my daughter, my first-born, it was very tough.

'The funeral was very soon after she was born. I was in shock the whole time. I remember speaking to the post-natal nurse after the funeral and explaining that I don't remember a lot.

'Losing her has completely changed my life.'

When Jade looked at her positive pregnancy test last year she was 'over the moon', after watching her friends enjoy time with their own little ones.

Jade said: 'When I found out I was pregnant, I was over the moon. All my friends have kids and I'm the only one who doesn't have a child.

'I was so excited to join in with all the mummy stuff.'

Jade had voiced her concerns at a medical appointment after noticing the foetus hadn't been moving as often.

On the morning before she received the bad news, she had even filmed a video of little Darcie-Rose kicking away at her belly.

More than five months after little Darcie-Rose died, Jade claims she still has no idea what happened within those 24 hours.

Jade said: 'I went in at 36 weeks to have a scan done because she was measuring big. They said she was thriving and there was nothing to worry about.

'I'd been diagnosed with gestational diabetes and after 36 weeks, I had to do blood tests every single day but they weren't high at all.

'On the Wednesday [before she died], I went in so they could check my results from the blood tests and I said she was moving, but not as much.

'I was given a scan and they tried to send me home, but I said I'd had enough and wanted her out because I was worried.

'I kept saying to them 'isn't it better to take her out now?' They just keep repeating that they had no concerns at all,

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