Republican lawmaker faces backlash after calling out stingy tipper by name on ...

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New Jersey state Senator Declan O'Scanlon stirred controversy with a tweet about tipping

New Jersey state Senator Declan O'Scanlon stirred controversy with a tweet about tipping

A Republican state lawmaker has stirred controversy with by naming and shaming a stingy tipper who left a 74 cent tip on a $119 restaurant bill.

New Jersey state Senator Declan O'Scanlon tweeted his outrage earlier this month after learning about the tip from his favorite waitress at the Colts Neck Inn Steak & Chop House.

'Wow...have to work to qualify for my calling you out specifically as a jerk. But Anthony Dierlof qualifies,' O'Scanlon said, tweeting an image of a receipt that included Dierlof's full name and the last four digits of his debit card.

'Ashley is a great waitress and wonderful human being. Certainly not a malicious bone in her body. Makes Anthony...a jerk. Live with your misplaced obnoxiousness,' O'Scanlon continued.

The tweet immediately generated controversy, with many responses questioning whether O'Scanlon was in the wrong for sharing a stranger's full name on Twitter.

However, O'Scanlon has stood by his remarks and refused to back down in the face of criticism, saying that nothing on the receipt could be considered private information.

Ashley, the waitress, even jumped into the fray as the controversy exploded, making a Twitter account specifically for the occasion.

'I am the mystery waitress & would just like to say that I have many customers who come to see me every week and request me by name because I do the best I can at any job I take on. This is how I met the senator, he stops in often and often has me as a server,' she wrote.

Ashley thanked O'Scanlon for 'sticking up for me and the rest of the good servers.'

She also clarified that she had been the one to highlight the tip and draw the frowny face on the receipt, so that her boss would see the small gratuity.

For days, the tightwad tipper Dierlof remained elusive,

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