NSW records 17 new cases of coronavirus overnight as CBD cluster grows 


Victoria is under strict Stage Four and Stage Three lockdown, meaning residents cannot partake in non-essential travel.

In addition to Victoria's own restrictions to stem the spread of COVID-19, every other state and territory in Australia has implemented border closures to keep Victorians - and the virus - out. 

New South Wales:

New South Wales currently only has incoming restrictions in place for Victorians, meaning residents from every other state and territory are welcome to travel there.

But any person who has been in New South Wales is restricted from travelling to Queensland, Western Australia and Tasmania, and may be subject to quarantine if they enter South Australia, Northern Territory and Australian Capital Territory.


Queensland's border is closed to any residents from New South Wales, Victoria and Australian Capital Territory.

Residents from anywhere else in Australia are welcomed to travel to the Sunshine State without restrictions.

Queenslanders are permitted to travel to every state except Western Australia, where a hard

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