Mark Zuckerberg says Facebook will ban all new politics ads week before election

Facebook will ban all new political advertisements the week before the election, founder Mark Zuckerberg announced Thursday as part of a series of moves to prevent interference in the November contest.

'We're going to block new political and issue ads during the final week of the campaign. It's important that campaigns can run get out the vote campaigns, and I generally believe the best antidote to bad speech is more speech, but in the final days of an election there may not be enough time to contest new claims,' Zuckerberg wrote in a Facebook post. 

The sweeping set of actions - the biggest the company has announced to date - comes amid what is expected to be a contentious election between President Donald and Democratic candidate Joe Biden. Election Day is two months away.  

'This election is not going to be business as usual. We all have a responsibility to protect our democracy,' Zuckerberg wrote. 

The founder and CEO of Facebook said the policies would apply to President , who has had previous social media posts flagged for containing misleading information.

'This will definitely apply to the president once this policy goes into place and it will apply to everyone equally,' Zuckerberg told CBS 'This Morning.'

He admitted to having conversations with President about his social media use. 

'I have had certain discussions with him in the past and where I've told him that I thought some of the rhetoric was problematic. If I did talk to him, you know, be clear about how -- just the importance of making sure that people have confidence in the election,' he added. 

Mark Zuckerberg announced a series of sweeping changes to Facebook policy to prevent any interference in the 2020 election

Mark Zuckerberg announced a series of sweeping changes to Facebook policy to prevent any interference in the 2020 election

President Donald Trump

Joe Biden

The November election between President and Joe Biden is expected to be contentious

All new political ads on Facebook and Instagram banned a week from November 3 - but existing ones can stay be re-used and be re-targeted Company is starting to remove 'misinformation about voting' now, not 72 hours before November 3 as had been planned Group forwarding on Facebook Messenger is suspended so users can only forward 5 messages at a time, instead of bulk groups of contacts. Similar measures were used on the internationally popular WhatsApp in other countries including India to 'prevent spreading misinformation'  Posts with 'implicit' voter suppression will be removed. Zuckerberg highlighted an example of a post saying 'I hear anybody with a driver's license gets a ballot this year'saying 'because it might mislead you about what you need to do to get a ballot, even if that wouldn't necessarily invalidate your vote by itself.' Posts with claims that taking part in voting will lead to getting COVID-19 will be removed Ads making similar claims are banned immediately A 'voting information center' will be at the top of the Instagram and Facebook feeds 'most days' before the election - although a start date was not given  The 'voting information center' will tell people 'there is nothing illegitimate about not having a result on election night.' Anyone claiming victory before it has been called by Reuters will have their post flagged with a link to the official results  Claims that legal voting methods will lead to fraud will be flagged - but there is no promise to remove them



The changes were announced amid concerns about the role social media companies will play in the November contest.

Facebook has become one of the main campaign battlegrounds between and Biden.

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