Pictured: Four Italians accused of gang raping two British teenagers

Four Italian men accused of gang raping two British teenagers at a party where guests begged one of the girls' uncle 'not to call the police' have been named.

The men, aged between 19 and 23, were arrested following the alleged rape of the girls, both 15, in Marconia di Pisticci, southern on Monday.  

It is believed four others were involved in the alleged attack, which was described as a 'brutal and extreme assault.'     

Michele Massiello, 23, Giuseppe Gargano, 19, Alessandro Zuccaro, 21, and Alberto Lopatiello, 22, are being held in custody on suspicion of sexual violence and wounding, La Repubblica reported.  

Pictured: 22-year-old suspect Alberto Lopatriello

Pictured: 22-year-old suspect Alberto Lopatriello

Pictured: 21-year-old suspect Alessandro Zuccaro

Pictured: 21-year-old suspect Alessandro Zuccaro

Another three individuals have reportedly been bailed. 

Italian media today described the men, who live in the town and reportedly gate-crashed the villa bash, as 'well-known bullies and thugs'.       

The victims confirmed the identities of their alleged attackers after seeing their social media profiles.  

In a statement, one of the teenagers recalled ordering a drink before being offered another by a stranger she met at the party, the Sun reported.

Pictured: Suspect Giuseppe Gargano

Pictured: Suspect Giuseppe Gargano

Urine samples have confirmed both victims were drugged in the alleged assault. 

One of the girls said: 'I didn't knowingly take any drugs but I think someone put something in my second drink because after I drank it I felt awful.

'I told them to stop. I was shouting in English let me go. They took off their trousers and I tried to defend myself by biting the penis of one. 

'I saw that one of them was trying to film it on his phone.'  

The girls were meant to fly home to return to school in northern England on the day after the alleged incident in an upmarket villa, in a region that is one of 's most popular tourist destinations. 

The uncle of one of the victims went to the party after the attack where guests begged him not to call the police or it would 'ruin the party', the Sun reports.  

Angelo Onorati, a Matera prosecutor, said the arrests of the men were ordered because of the 'brutality, severity and savagery of the violence committed, in devious ways, that could be repeated against other women'. 

Investigators yesterday said that the girls attended the party with another female guest, but soon after they arrived they were approached by two of the suspects.  

Authorities are investigating

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