Rishi Sunak's 'bizarre' jobs speech as his eyes 'dart back and forth' reading ...

Rishi Sunak has come under fire for a bizarre party conference speech this morning, with his eyes 'darting back and forth' and baffled viewers accusing him of sounding like he was 'accepting an Oscar'. 

The Chancellor suffered technical issues during the address, with his speech cutting out shortly after it began. 

He also appeared to have issues with his auto-cue, with viewers noting how his eyes seemed to struggle to follow a teleprompter, while the camera angle also kept changing. 

In the keynote address, Sunak warned of tax rises to come and conceded that he will not be able to save all jobs as Britain tries to recover from the damage caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

However, despite the dire warnings, the Chancellor used a large part of his speech to lavish praise on his family, Conservative supporters, predecessors and the Prime Minister.

Sunak's tone irked some watchers, who described it as 'victorious-sounding' despite the warnings of tax rises and job losses to come.  

Baffled viewers took to social media to share their confusion at the tone of the speech.

One said: 'It’s not an Oscars acceptance speech #RishiSunak.'

A second added: 'About to have breakfast until shiny happy clean Rishi Sunak has arrived on my news feed thanking his support network & predecessors by first names sounds like an award acceptance speech surprisingly not hungry anymore more ewwwwwwwwwww.'

While a third said: 'Rishi Sunak, the sycophant rises. That was one of the most nausea creating speeches I have ever heard. The kind of speech made on behalf of despots and dictators.' 

The technical issues were also highlighted on social media. 

One person said: 'Rishi Sunak, another world beating tech failure. PS learn how to read from an autocue.'

A second said: 'Another technical glitch. Fortunately, this time we only lost the video link to Rishi Sunak, not thousands of lives because people potentially infected with Covid-19 weren’t contacted.'

The Chancellor suffered technical issues during the address, with his speech cutting out shortly after it began 

While a third joked: ' Who put the autocue so far to the side for Rishi’s speech?' 

The speech was about 10 minutes long in total, with the first two minutes seeing the Chancellor thank a host of people.

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