Social media mocks 'uneducated' outrage over Israeli Gal Gadot being cast as ...

Israeli actress Gal Gadot has been slammed on social media after she was cast to play Cleopatra in the upcoming historical epic about the iconic Egyptian queen. 

The 35-year-old on Sunday confirmed she will play the titular role in a new movie after Paramount Pictures won the rights to the film in a bidding war between Universal, Warner Bros., Apple and .

The casting however, immediately drew outrage from confused social media users who wrongly assumed Cleopatra was black and North African.

Critics argued it was inappropriate for Gadot, a white Israeli woman, to play such a role and suggested the part be given to an African or black actress instead.  

Gal Gadot


The news drew criticism on social media from users who said the white, Israeli actress should not play assumed the Egyptian queen was African and black

The outrage was met with ridicule by other social media users who were quick to point out the Egyptian ruler was actually ethnically Greek or Persian. 

'Cleopatra was NOT black, she was of Greek descent, and there are even effigies of the time on how she looked like. People need to stop trying to rewrite history with the SJW stupidity of today,' one user wrote.   

'People are upset because Gal Gadot, who isn't black, is playing Cleopatra, who wasn't black either,' Journalist Ian Miles Cheong tweeted. 

Cleopatra is known as the last ruler of the Ptolemaic Kingdom in ancient Egypt before her death in 30 BC. 

While she was born in Egypt, she was the daughter of Pharaoh Ptolemy XII, a member of the Macedonian Greek royal family that ruled Egypt for 275 years, meaning Cleopatra was most likely fair-skinned.  

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