Daryl Maguire admits being in a 'on again, off again' relationship with Gladys ...

Maguire and Berejiklian were in a secret relationship from about the time of the March 2015 state election

Maguire also told Alha (right) to 'just CC in Gladys' to an email where he complained bitterly about a planning issue and said 'I'll get it to him'

Former MP Daryl Maguire has admitted to a secret love affair with Gladys Berejiklian - describing it as 'on again, off again' and revealing they had planned a future together.

The ex-politician was cross-examined  about his relationship with the NSW Premier at the Independent Commission Against Corruption on Thursday afternoon.

The ICAC is attempting to pin down what Berejiklian knew about a land deal at Badgerys Creek, near the site of Sydney's forthcoming second airport.

The inquiry heard Maguire hoped the sale of land owned by racing heiress Louise Waterhouse would make him 'up to' $1.5 million in time for his retirement from Parliament. 

Maguire admitted he and Berejiklian were in a 'close personal relationship' at the time of a September 5, 2017 call where the then-Wagga Wagga MP referred to 'getting Badgerys Creek stuff done'. 

'We were always friends,' Maguire said. 'But, um, it was on-again off-again.' 

Maguire said their relationship had began sometime about '2015, 2016' and ended in 'August, September (of this year) ... I can't be clear'. 

He confessed to discussing his 'problems in life' with Berejiklian, including their possible future together, where they planned possibly going public with their relationship about the time of the 2019 state election, when he hoped to retire from politics.

Maguire admitted to the inquiry that his involvement in the Badgerys Creek project was to ensure he was 'content' with his financial position when he retired from politics.

Asked if he told the Premier about his $1.5 million in debts, Maguire admitted he may have.

'I think in a general discussion, um, I may have raised it, seeking some guidance about - oh, reassurance about what I was doing,' he told the inquiry.

'That's my recollection, is I would have raised it to her. I only have a few friends that you can raise these things with and I would have run it past her, perhaps, to get some, um, um, get her view.'  

Maguire also admitted he hoped to make up to $1.5 million if he assisted Ms Waterhouse sell the Badgerys Creek land.

Counsel assisting ICAC Scott Robertson asked Maguire about his call to Berejiklian where he mentioned 'Badgerys Creek stuff'.

'Do we take it from that that you had explained to Ms Berejiklian, in advance of this call of 5 September 2017, what the Badgerys Creek stuff was?'

Maguire said: 'I can't recall doing it. But according to the (transcript) you could assume that.'  

'Doing the best you can, what did you tell her about the Badgerys Creek stuff?' he was asked.

'I don't recall. I just don't recall what I would have said.' 

Daryl Maguire is pictured with Louise Waterhouse and his business associate Ho Yuen Li

Daryl Maguire is pictured with Louise Waterhouse and his business associate Ho Yuen Li

Pressed further, Maguire said: 'I don't know that I ever went into specifics. It was just broad discussion stuff.'

Mr Robertson said: 'Presumably, you at least told her Ms (Louise) Waterhouse had some relevance to what you'd describe as the Badgerys Creek stuff?'

Maguire said: 'Perhaps, yes.'

Robertson: 'Well, perhaps or yes?

'I'm not sure. I... I'm just not sure.' 

The inquiry has previously revealed how Waterhouse emails about the Badgerys Creek development to Berejiklian's personal email address. 

At one point, counsel assisting ICAC Scott Robertson asked his

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