Hilarious moment YouTuber tries to make cheese fondue in a chocolate fountain ...

Not a Gouda idea: Hilarious moment YouTuber discovers why you shouldn't try to make cheese fondue in a chocolate fountain machine South Korean Youtuber Tasty Hoon has 3.4m views after a cheese explosion  The muckbang creator was attempting to melt cheese in a chocolate fountain Hilarious scenes unfolded as strings of molten cheese were flung around room 

By Milly Vincent For Mailonline

Published: 10:54 GMT, 2 November 2020 | Updated: 10:54 GMT, 2 November 2020


A South Korean Youtuber has gone viral after his attempt at creating a cheese fondue fountain ended in hilariously chaotic scenes.

Tasty Hoon, who specialises in creating muckbang videos, has been thrust into stardom after his attempt at melting cheese saw globs of the molten fromage 'attack' him.

The eight minute clip, filmed last week, sees Tasty pre-melt the cheese in a pan before pouring it into what is designed to be a chocolate fountain.

At first the cheese appears to be whirring around the machine correctly, but as Tasty prepares to dip his fried chicken pieces in it all starts going badly wrong. 

Building pressure caused by the solidifying cheese causes the rotating fountain to erupt with strings of cheese, the consistency of a dough, flinging off at high speeds.

Realising his dramatic miscalculation Tasty attempts to control the exploding fountain before eventually admitting defeat and humorously tearing up as the

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