Pennsylvania says they may have an election result TODAY

BREAKING NEWS: Pennsylvania says they may have an election result TODAY that could put an end to agonizing wait for the next President Pennsylvania 's Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar said they could have a result on Thursday night PA wasn't due to give a result until Friday; is leading there by 2 points  If Biden wins PA today, he will reach the 270 electoral college votes he needs to take the White House He would no longer need Arizona, Nevada or any of the other states yet to be called because Pennsylvania holds 20 electoral college votes can't win with Pennsylvania alone; he'd still need another 33 votes which he could pick up in Georgia, North Carolina, Nevada or Arizona He has already filed lawsuits in Pennsylvania, suing to stop the vote count, giving an array of reasons for it  Voting was temporarily halted in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh on Thursday as a result of the legal row A judge intervened and allowed it to continue; there are still 550,000 votes left to count there  In Nevada, there are only around 51,000 left to call before tomorrow and they say they need that much time  Arizona also says they need until tomorrow to deliver a result on their remaining 450,000 votes  

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Published: 19:48 GMT, 5 November 2020 | Updated: 20:01 GMT, 5 November 2020

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