Artist sent letter by Hugo Boss for using Scouse slang 'Boss' on clothes ...

giant Hugo Boss has reached an 'amicable solution' with a Merseyside artist over the merchandise he produced using the word 'boss.' 

John Charles, originally from Kirkby, applied for a trademark for his 'Be Boss, Be Kind' designs in September after the success of a free virtual art classes he set up during the first lockdown and local parents enquiring about merchandise. 

The artist later received a letter from solicitors Simmons & Simmons, who act for the Hugo Boss group of companies, saying they planned to file a 'Notice of Threatened Opposition' against the application on behalf of their client.

John said the trademarking process was going fine until he received the letter which said Hugo Boss object to the use of the word 'boss' on any sort of apparel and that he initially thought that letter 'was a joke.'

Father-of-one John Charles (pictured) was hit with a threatening legal letter from lawyers representing the luxury brand after he applied to trademark his 'Be Boss, Be Kind' clothing and hat designs

The dad-of-one, who lives in Huyton, is best known for painting some of Liverpool's most iconic buildings and figures and told the Echo the money earned from the venture would help pay towards his 'daughter's future.'

At the time, it was understood the giant would be contacting John to seek a resolution.

Now, Hugo Boss and the popular artist have reached an 'amicable solution' - and John has said 'it was all worth it.'

John said: 'The public was ridiculously positive and behind us.

'It was just us, the little people from Huyton going up against Hugo Boss, one of the biggest companies in the world.

'It was really stressful. There was a point when I said to my wife Jen should we kick this on its head because of everything we're going through, but we didn't want it to end.

'It was the principle of it and I was going to go through with it.'

Hugo Boss (store, pictured) and the Liverpool-based artist have now reached an 'amicable solution'

Hugo Boss (store, pictured) and the Liverpool-based artist have now reached an 'amicable solution'  

John's story went viral and his legal battle began to 'move at a rapid pace.' 

 John and Jen represented themselves in the first meeting with the Hugo Boss legal team however Nama Zarroug Murray from Astraea Legal offered to take

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