Inside the year-long effort to get British-Australian academic Kylie ...

It took 12 months of intense lobbying behind the scenes, but ultimately Nick Warner secured the release of British-Australian academic Kylie Moore-Gilbert from an Iranian jail.

Mr Warner, the head of Australia's intelligence service, successfully negotiated what is being described by sources as a prisoner swap deal with Iran.

Doctor Moore-Gilbert was serving a ten year sentence on trumped-up espionage charges, and had been in jail since September 2018.

The charges reportedly stemmed from the Iranian authorities' belief that she was a spy for Israel, because of her relationship with an Israeli citizen.

Mr Warner is understood to have used his extensive contacts in ongoing discussions with the Iranian regime to secure her eventual release, according to The Australian.

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Meanwhile Australia's ambassador to Thailand, Allan McKinnon, lobbied with Thai officials to release three Iranian terrorists as an ­exchange for the Melbourne University lecturer.

Dr Moore-Gilbert finally left prison on Wednesday and was flown home following a gruelling 804 days in some of Iran's toughest jails, where she also spent time in solitary confinement.

Kylie Moore-Gilbert (pictured above) spent more than two years behind bars in Iran after she was imprisoned on espionage offences

Kylie Moore-Gilbert (pictured above) spent more than two years behind bars in Iran after she was imprisoned on espionage offences

Her family said they were 'relieved and ecstatic' while the lecturer herself expressed her 'love and admiration for the great nation of Iran and its warm-­hearted, generous and brave ­people'.

The three terrorists ­arrived back in their home country after being released by authorities in Thailand, where they were alleged to have plotted the murder of Israeli diplomats in Bangkok.

Multiple senior sources confirmed Dr Moore-Gilbert's release owed thanks to a meticulously planned diplomacy agreement between Australia, Iran and Thailand. 

'Nick (Warner) has been a central player to this,' a source said. 'He knows the Iranian political system, and he has built crucial connections with the people who run the country.' 

Diplomatic sources confirmed ambassador Mr McKinnon was also a

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