Astonishing moment a shirtless man is DRAGGED out of his car by cops in front ...

Astonishing moment a shirtless man is DRAGGED out of his car by cops in front of a woman's house and bashed with a baton A Melbourne woman has shared a video of a man being dragged from his car  She said undressed in his car outside her home then sat there for 20 minutes  Police officers then arrived at the scene and pulled him out of his station wagon

By Tita Smith For Daily Mail Australia

Published: 03:50 GMT, 3 December 2020 | Updated: 05:18 GMT, 3 December 2020

A shirtless man has been filmed being dragged out of his car by cops in a quiet suburban street and beaten with a baton.

A Melbourne woman shared a video online on Thursday of a man sitting idly in his gold station wagon outside her Mitcham home, in the city's east. 

'What the f*** is happening here,' she says, peering through her window.

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'This guy is shirtless in his car outside my house. He has been here for about 20 minutes.

'I watched him get undressed in his car and he is still in the f***ing car!' 

A woman in a four-wheel drive pulls up next to the man's car and gets out to speak with him before returning to her vehicle and driving away. 

A short time later, two police officers in facemasks arrive at the scene and try to yank him out of the vehicle. 

The man begins honking the horn, prompting the officer to swat his arms away from the steering wheel with a baton. 

The officers pull the man from the driver's seat and attempt to place his arms behind his back as he desperately tries to resist. 

A man (pictured) has been filmed being

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