Fishermen find alleged fugitive nude in tree at croc-infested creek after four ...

Fishermen find an alleged fugitive NAKED up a tree in a crocodile-infested creek after he spent FOUR days on the run from police and ate snails to survive - before sharing a beer with his rescuers Local fishermen found the bizarre scene while putting crab pots out on Sunday 40-year-old naked male, covered in bites and mud cried out for help from trees Mangroves around Darwin known to be 'crocodile heaven'  Told crab fishermen he survived by eating snails for four days Rescuers shared a beer with the man before calling the ambulance He was kept under police guard in hospital and faces court on Tuesday The man is accused of breaching bail after an alleged armed robbery

By Peter Vincent For Daily Mail Australia

Published: 02:22 GMT, 5 January 2021 | Updated: 03:12 GMT, 5 January 2021


A fugitive on the run from police after allegedly committing an armed robbery, and cutting his electronic tracking device, was rescued in a bizarre scene at a Darwin waterway.

The fishermen who found him, Kev Joiner and Cam Faust, told Daily Mail Australia they only heard the lucky man's desperate cries when they stopped to drop crab pots on Sunday evening. 

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He was in a tree, naked and caked in mud, in a mangrove near East Point.

'We heard him screaming for help real loud: “heeelp!"' And that he wanted water,' Joiner said. 

The two friends were 'hesitant' to stop. 'We thought he looked like a nutcase. But he was saying: "I can see you, please don’t leave me here!"

'When we got close we could see he was covered in mud and bites and his feet were swollen.' 

The two friends Kev and Cam found the alleged fugitive naked in a tree in a crocodile-infested swamp while fishing

The two friends Kev and Cam found the

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