Shocking moment Tacoma police cruiser runs over a person at intersection

Shocking moment Tacoma police cruiser runs over a person after crowd surrounded the SUV at an intersection where they were watching street racers do burnouts WARNING: GRAPHIC VIDEO  Incident took place in downtown Tacoma, Washington, around 7pm on Saturday  Large crowds gathered at intersection to watch street racers do burnouts  Police said they received reports of around 100 people blocking the streets  Cop car was seen approaching intersection where crowds had gathered  A large crowd of people began to swarm around the vehicle at the intersection  Police car backed up a few feet, revved engine, and plowed into pedestrians One person was seen caught underneath the wheels of car as it drove away 

By Ariel Zilber For

Published: 05:35 GMT, 24 January 2021 | Updated: 05:38 GMT, 24 January 2021


A police car in Tacoma was filmed mowing down a group of pedestrians at a downtown intersection where a large crowd gathered to watch vehicles do burnouts on Saturday evening.

Disturbing video footage shows the driver of the police car rev its engine as the vehicle was surrounded by a group of onlookers on South 9th Street between Court A and Pacific Avenue just before 7pm on Saturday.

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The cop car then sprints forward, running over a group of about five people. One person was seen lying on the pavement as the police car’s wheels rolled over him.

In the video footage, the police cruise was seen backing up about three feet before

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