Joe Biden's COVID team refuses to say if they will ask Donald to cut a ...

Joe Biden's COVID team refuses to say if they will ask Donald to cut a PSA following revelation he got vaccinated before leaving office – but salutes Dolly Parton for 'Jolene' rewrite and former first lady Melania quietly got shots before left office also contracted the virus in October  Biden team was asked if they would seek to use in a PSA  Dr. Andy Slavitt said the team was 'glad that everybody who has taken the vaccine is talking about it'

By Geoff Earle, Deputy U.S. Political Editor For

Published: 18:00 GMT, 5 March 2021 | Updated: 18:00 GMT, 5 March 2021


President Joe Biden's coronavirus is staying mum on the idea of bringing President Donald in for a public service announcement to promote vaccine use – after it was revealed the president and the first lady got a shot before leaving office.

Senior coronavirus advisor Dr. Andy Slavitt fielded a question about the former president at Friday's covid briefing as a potential way to address vaccine hesitancy, which polling shows is concentrated in certain communities including Republicans and supporters.

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Among those groups are some supporters who have doubts about taking it – potentially making the former president a valuable spokesman.

Nevertheless, the Biden team has said the nation was unprepared for the vaccine rollout when they took office, was impeached for incitement of insurrection, and Biden has blasted for ignoring science in his pronouncements about the coronavirus. 

President Donald Trump and former first lady Melania Trump got COVID-19 vaccine shots before leaving office without revealing it

President Donald and former first lady Melania got

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