Toothaches, headaches and even HICCUPS: The most ridiculous reasons Australians ...

Toothaches, stubbed toes and even HICCUPS: The most ridiculous reasons Australians call 000 - and it can have deadly consequences Emergency services have pleaded with the public to leave 000 for emergencies It comes as some of the most ridiculous 'emergency' calls have been revealed Headaches, constipation, toothaches and hiccups were among the worst Emergency service phone lines have been getting clogged with non-urgent calls 

By Jack Mahony For Daily Mail Australia

Published: 11:59 BST, 2 May 2021 | Updated: 11:59 BST, 2 May 2021


Constipation, hiccups and toothaches are some of the most outlandish reasons why Australians call 000, it has been revealed.

Ambulance and police services have asked the public to save the 000 emergency line for genuine emergencies only, revealing they are often plagued with unnecessary calls. 

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In the last year, New South Wales Ambulance received 1,036 emergency calls with complaints of constipation.

Another 662 calls were made for toothaches, 215 for earaches while 157 couldn't sleep and 16 called because they had the hiccups, 9 News reported. 

NSW Ambulance assistant commissioner Steven Norris pleaded with the public to only use

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