Moment police find group of drunk students hiding in upstairs bedroom

This is the moment police find a group of drunk students hiding in an upstairs bedroom after raiding a Bristol house party which breached Covid rules.

Organisers were fined almost £5,000 after officers made embarrassed revellers reel off the current lockdown restrictions, which only allow get-togethers of six people, or two households, outside. 

More than 15 guests attended the party, which was shut down by officers who told them their gathering 'flies in the face of everything we've been doing as a nation for the past year'.

A group of six - who said they were celebrating a friend's 20th birthday at the house - were fined £800 each for flouting Covid-19 laws.

In the body-cam footage, a number of students can be seen drinking in a dimly-lit lounge as music blasts. 

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One officer can be heard questioning: 'Whose birthday is it?... Happy birthday.'

Two students then chime in: 'We're just chilling. I'm just having my birthday with my house.'

The officer interjects: 'And there's no one here from a different household?'

A girl replies: 'No. We're chilling. It's literally her 20th birthday.'

However, the officer suspects other guests are hiding and tells the group they are going to start looking in all the bedrooms. 

He said: 'If one of you wants to be the adult and go and get everyone out? Because I [think] you're hiding, and that's why you were taking your time today to answer the door.

'So if you want to be adults, you'll be treated like adults. Okay? So if there's everyone else here, if they come down now, we'll deal with everyone now.

'It might be that we give you a warning, but if everyone is going to hide in the bedroom and play silly b*****s then we'll give everyone a £200 fine.'

A terrified student quickly pipes up in response 'I'll be the adult' and three of the hosts awkwardly shuffle out of the room.

The camera then cuts to one of the officers

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