Gaetz: I'm being targeted in sex trafficking investigation because I'm an ...

Matt Gaetz told former White House adviser Sebastian Gorka in an interview Monday evening that he was targeted by the left-wing and media because he is an 'effective' conservative.

'The things the media has said about me are lies and the truth will prevail,' Gaetz said during a radio interview with Gorka on his America First program.

Gaetz asserts the investigation is tied to a scheme from Justice Department and State Department officials who, while on federal payroll, tried to extort his family for $25 million.

The Florida congressman returned to radio after a media hiatus following allegations of misconduct on several levels – including sexual harassment and trafficking as well as sending inappropriate images from the House floor.

Matt Gaetz on Capitol Hill April 14, 2021

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Sebastian Gorka outside the White House July 11, 2019

Rep. Matt Gaetz (left) said Monday he is being targeted by the left and media establishment because he is an 'effective' conservative. Comments came in an interview with former aide Sebastian Gorka (right) in his first interview in a while after multiple misconduct allegations emerged against him 

Gorka said the left-wing media went after Gaetz because he is an effective voice as a conservative commentator, with which the representative agreed.

Gaetz, as he has done since the allegations emerged earlier this year, maintained his innocence and blamed a larger conspiracy against him.

There are no formal charges against the congressman and no woman has publicly accused him of wrongdoing.

Federal investigators are, however, looking into if Gaetz had sexual relations with a minor or paid for sex. The House Ethics Committee also opened a probe to 'gather additional information' about the accusations revealed against Gaetz.

'There is a desire in big government, big media, big tech, to target, deplatform, and destroy those who champion the America First cause,' Gaetz said, using the term former President Donald repeats as a mantra. 'That's not just me saying it.'

'Thank goodness for Project Veritas,' he continued of the conservative investigative and activist group.

'In the middle of CNN trying to propagandize my life, a CNN director was actually recorded by a secret camera saying the very reason that CNN is repeating these things about me over and over again is that I actually get in the way of the Democratic agenda,' Gaetz told Gorka, a controversial figure himself.

'I am effective in advocating the beliefs that are held by tens of millions of Americans who are patriotic and love our country and don't think we should surrender to

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