The Mail campaigns that changed the world 

Mercy airlift: A daring mission to transport 100 Vietnamese orphans to safety as war ravaged the region, the Stephen Lawrence murder, and a PPE shortage during the global Covid pandemic... the Mail campaigns that changed the world

By Daily Mail Reporter

Published: 01:26 BST, 5 May 2021 | Updated: 01:26 BST, 5 May 2021



Almost from its first edition, the Daily Mail has not just been reporting the news but making it too, with campaigns on issues from bread to barrage balloons, from aviation to unleaded petrol.

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This week we are celebrating our first 125 years with commemorative editions dating from 1896. 

Today we highlight our many important campaigns down the decades and our crusades for justice. Many of them have affected not just the way we live – for example our battle to abolish the plastic bag –

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