General manager of Victoria's hotel quarantine is SACKED

General manager of Victoria's hotel quarantine is STOOD DOWN for refusing a Covid test and breaching infection controls - as shocking errors by hotel staff and nurses are revealed Quarantine incident reviews have been leaked to media and reveal breaches General manager Matiu Bush was accused of not signing in and refusing test Minister for Government Services said he had been stood down during review 

By Charlie Moore, Political Reporter For Daily Mail Australia

Published: 02:42 BST, 5 May 2021 | Updated: 02:45 BST, 5 May 2021


Stood down: Quarantine manager Matiu Bush

Stood down: Quarantine manager Matiu Bush

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The general manager of Victoria's hotel quarantine programme has been stood down after reports emerged that he refused a Covid-19 test and breached infection control protocols while in charge.

Matiu Bush reportedly refused to have the test - which is required of all quarantine workers every day - when leaving the Intercontinental Hotel at 12.05pm on April 20.

Government incident reports obtained by The Australian newspaper stated that when an ADF corporal told him to get tested, he replied words to the effect of 'I'm the head of IPC and I override that protocol' before walking off.

Another operational incidents review stated that he and two other public servants refused to sign in using their QR codes when entering the Pullman Hotel at 12.57pm on March 1.

The review said: 'When signing in they were asked to sign in via their personal QR code... They refused, stating that as they have been vaccinated they are not required to do so and instead manually signed in the visitor log.'

At 3.30pm the same group entered the Mercure Hotel and, according to the incident review, 'walked past the sanitising station without sanitising and also did not change masks'.

The group told reception staff they 'had ducked out for coffee, and that the hotel is empty anyway,' the review said. 

The review also said Mr Bush 'did not sign out upon his departure from the hotel'.

A spokesman for Quarantine Victoria said Mr Bush had been 'counselled' over both incidents. 

But amid furore on Wednesday

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