Perth recycling facility staff who pocketed part of a $40,000 cash haul from ...

Recycling facility staff who pocketed some of the $40,000 they found mixed in with recycled rubbish and 'kept quiet about it' face serious charges - but who owns the original stash? Perth recycling facility staff allegedly helped themselves to some of the money  Police called to centre in city's south after receiving tip-off about alleged theft  Workers had allegedly found the cash haul in the form of $50 and $100 notes  Three workers at the facility have been charged with possessing stolen cash 

By Charlie Coë For Daily Mail Australia

Published: 05:16 BST, 5 May 2021 | Updated: 05:16 BST, 5 May 2021

Recycling staff who found almost $40,000 in cash on their facility's conveyer belt allegedly helped themselves to some of the money and told their colleagues to 'keep it quiet'.

Police were called to the recycling centre in Perth's south on April 12 after receiving a tip-off that the workers had found the money in the form of $50 and $100 notes. 

The person who reported the alleged theft claimed the staff had been told to keep quiet about the discovery.

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The initial report claimed as much as $1million in cash was found on the conveyer belt before police

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