Besotted boyfriend, 26, handed restraining order after stalking his ex lover

Thomas Bassett (pictured) has been banned from contacting his ex-lover for five years

Thomas Bassett (pictured) has been banned from contacting his ex-lover for five years

A besotted boyfriend has been banned from contacting his ex-lover for five years and has been ordered to pay her £150 damages after he admitted sending more than 1,000 emails begging for them to get back together.

Thomas Bassett, from Radcliffe, Greater Manchester, sent 100 of his messages to Bethany Anderson in a single day and left her in such fear for her safety she changed the locks to her home and refused to go out.

Bassett, 26, created 11 different email accounts between February and April this year so he could continue hounding Miss Anderson even after she blocked him.

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He also messaged her via Instagram and sent her a handwritten letter as well as a Moonpig card with photos of them together asking to rekindle their romance.

Bassett, attending Manchester Magistrates' Court, admitted stalking and was prohibited from contacting Miss Anderson under the terms of a restraining order.

He was also sentenced to 26 weeks jail suspended for two years, ordered to complete a 'Building Better Relationships' programme and pay £213 in costs. 

The court heard the pair had begun dating in 2018 but broke up in February 2021.

Prosecutor Miss Tess Kenyon said: 'They had temporarily split up in the summer of 2019 but got back together although she says he was manipulative in them resuming their relationship.

'After the February split, the defendant sent apologetic messages to the complainant and he hinted at suicide trying to make her feel responsible. 

'He sent photos from the back of her home address and it made the complainant so worried, she felt the need to change the locks.

'The defendant sent over 100 messages on 4 February until she blocked the number. The defendant the left a voicemail asking to get back with him and to sort things out. She then changed her number.

'As a result the defendant created 10 more email accounts to send further messages and pictures to the complainant. Over a period of

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