Roger Ailes 'wouldn't allow Laurie Luhn to deny rumored ...

Disgraced former Fox News boss Roger Ailes reportedly stopped network executive Laurie Luhn from denying an affair with the late Republican party strategist Lee Atwater.

He allegedly made the bizarre request in a bid to cover up his own relationship with her and to make her seem uncredible if she later exposed their affair, NY Daily News reports. 

However, decades after Luhn first met Ailes she has now spoken out about what happened between them.

In July, she told the Daily Intelligencer about her relationship with Ailes, and how her willingness to perform the sexual acts he demanded of her resulted in a job at Fox News and multiple promotions before ultimately causing her to suffer a mental breakdown.

Former Fox News boss Roger Ailes

Former Fox News boss Roger Ailes (left) reportedly stopped Laurie Luhn (right) from denying she had an affair with Republican party strategist Lee Atwater

It was after that breakdown that Luhn, then an event planner for Fox News, decided to tell the network about what she alleges was 20 years of sexual harassment at the hands of Ailes.

The network quickly responded by giving Luhn a $3.15 million payout, and making her sign an 'extensive nondisclosure provisions' that reporter Gabriel Sherman saw during the interview.

Luhn made the decision to go public despite the terms of her settlement after news host Gretchen Carlson filed her sexual harassment

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