Judge praises nightclub bouncers who intervened to stop rapist attacking ...

Hero nightclub bouncers stopped rapist as he attacked vulnerable girl, 18, and held him until police arrived, court hears as he is jailed for nine years Abdenour Ben Ali, 30, met the 18-year-old girl on a Friday night in Brighton club He attacked her on the beach but were spotted by bouncers from a near venue They restrained him until the police arrived and arrested him on the spot Ali was jailed for nine years after the court convicted him of raping the girl Are you or do you know the hero bouncers? E-mail [email protected] 




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Nightclub bouncers were praised today after they held a brute raping a teenager on a beach until police arrived.

Are you or do you know the hero bouncers? 


Hove Crown Court heard how plumber Abdenour Ben Ali, 30, had met the 18-year-old girl on a Friday night in a club near Brighton beach.

He encouraged the girl - said to be 'vulnerable' - to accompany him to the beach where he attacked her.

Police were called to King Road Arches near the Palace Pier at 4.30am on Saturday, September 7, 2019, the court heard.

Ben Ali, of Harrow, had been restrained by door staff from a nearby nightclub, who intervened after seeing him assaulting the girl on the

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