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New maps showing American attitudes on global warming

The majority of America may finally believe in man-made climate change. 

But as these new maps show, there are still states who believe global warming caused by humans is a myth.

Less than half of the population in the Midwest states agree that burning fossil fuels, deforestation and other human activities is causing the planet to heat up - despite seemingly irrefutable evidence.

Scientists have measured about 1 degree Celsius of warming since the Industrial Revolution, when humans started burning fossil fuels. Meanwhile, 16 of the 17 hottest years on record have occurred since 2000.

Climate change is real: The vast majority of Americans believe that global warming is happening, 70 per cent, while just 12 insist its not happening and the rest are undecided, according to new figures from a Yale survey

Yet, just 42 per cent of people in Wyoming agree climate change is man made, followed by 43 per cent of Utahians and 44 per cent of West Virginians.

Those on the East and West Coasts are far more likely to agree with human-induced global warming, according to the maps by Yale, with Hawaiians, New Yorkers and Californians having the greatest numbers of believers. 

Yet while 70 per cent of Americans agree that climate change is occurring, only 53 per cent agree that we are to blame.  

 Humans are causing the Earth to warm: 

Scientists agree global warming is happening: Less than half of Americans, 49 per cent, say that climate scientists all concur on climate change with 28 per cent saying there is still a lot of disagreement

For many Americans, views on climate change stem from personal experiences with local weather phenomena, causing some to be more skeptical of the global trends. 

Researchers in another study found that skepticism about Earth’s warming tends to be concentrated to areas that have experienced below normal temperatures, suggesting many trust themselves over scientists when it comes to climate change.


 Researchers found that people who experience more record highs than lows are more likely to believe that the planet is warming.

But, those who live in regions that have felt record cold temperatures, such as southern portions of Ohio and the Mississippi River basins, tend to doubt the validity of warming.

According to the researchers from George Washington University, many Americans believe global warming is related to the frequency of weather-related events they experience

According to the researchers from George Washington University, many Americans believe global warming is related to the frequency of

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