Inside the tour bus which crashed the Oscars

One of the bus tourists who was thrust into the Oscars alongside sex offender Gary Coe tells his inclusion on a globally-watched TV ceremony was 'not appropriate.'

Patrick Tio, 35, who is of Chinese and Filipino descent, also said Oscar host Jimmy Kimmel risked being accused of racism when he joked about his Korean wife's name.

And he revealed the extraordinary lengths Oscar organizers went to as they planned the stunt - rounding up people for a 'free tour of gowns and statues'. 

Tio was honeymooning in when he and his wife Yulree became part of the stunt. 

He and his new bride were walking down and Vine when they were approached with the offer of a free tour and the chance to see some gowns and statues.

Selfie time: Patrick Tio captured his wife Yulree in a selfie with Ryan Gosling and the La La Land's actor's date, his sister Mandi

On our way: The group were given Samsung cameras and told the free trip was a promotional stunt for the firm - which was partly true - but not that they were going to the Oscars

In the theatre: Gary from Chicago became the standout star as the group were introduced - while Yulree Tio's shock was clear. Her husband said he initially thought the celebrities were fake

One for the ages: Patrick captured his wife hugging Nicole Kidman on the new free phone he was given 

And here's how it looked from the back: Patrick's hand can just be seen taking the photograph of his wife hugging Nicole Kidman 

Surprise: The group ended the night with swag bags, and NDAs to stop them spilling their secret until a planned appearance on Kimmel. It was canceled at the same time as Gary Coe revealed he was a newly released prisoner. ABC have not said if that was why the tour group did not appear on the show

He revealed Oscars organizers and the tour bus operators Starline told the party that their free ride was being sponsored by Samsung and they were being given the company's cellphones to video for promotional use.

The company is the official phone of the Oscars and would not have wanted a rival such as Apple getting any credit for the show.

Tio, who runs Equipe Athletics which is an American sports clothing manufacturer, said: 'Honestly, we couldn't believe it ourselves.

'We have been recounting the whole thing. I thought(initially) the whole thing was fake and then slowly it sunk in these are real celebrities. There was Dev Patel, Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban, Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone and Meryl Sleep.

'They were so sweet. They were actually asking us if we had any dea, and said this was so cool.

'They were interviewing us as we were passing by. It was so surreal to have stars asking us questions. 

Tio said he remembered Kimmel making a point of his wife's name and then asking him his and with mock relief saying: 'See, that's a name.'

Tio said: 'I think that controversy did come up when we re-watched the video.

'It came out after Yulree explained her name. He said 'that some name:' and I after I told him my name is Patrick, he said 'oh that's a name.'

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