Holly Valance and Christian Candy's feud

Emma Holyoake, wife of businessman Mark Holyoake, has revealed the strained relationship between Christian Candy and his brother's wife, Holly Valance

The wife of a businessman who fell out with the millionaire Candy brothers has revealed the strained relationship between Christian Candy and his brother's wife, Holly Valance. 

Emma Holyoake claimed Christian referred to the actress at a party in Ibiza in 2012 by saying 'If she sees me coming she better f***** cross over onto the other side of the road.'


She also she said Christian 'bullied' his brother Nick to the point that he once wound up 'crying in the foetal position' on a hotel room floor. 

Ms Holyoake told the court: 'To say there was no love lost between Christian and Holly would be an understatement.

‘Holly told me that Christian did not approve of her relationship with Nick. She confided in me that Nick had been distraught recently about Christian's behaviour and that Nick had "lain down in a foetal position on the floor of a hotel room and wept inconsolably".

'Holly used some pretty strong and fruity language to describe Christian, the gist was that he was rude, aggressive, dishonest and a cruel man.'

Christian's wife Emily also suggested the actress had a 'dubious' background and tried to dissuade Nick from going ahead with the marriage, it is claimed.

The allegations are the latest to emerge during the explosive £132m lawsuit brought by Mark Holyoake over claims the brothers coerced him into a disastrous series of property deals which saw him repay more than £37million on a £12million loan. 

Ms Holyoake said she worried her husband Mark would be killed after Christian Candy threatened to 'nuclear bomb his entire world' when their luxury property business deal turned sour.

In new documents presented at court yesterday, Mrs Holyoake said Christian - who she described as 'charmless' and 'pathologically competitive' - had threatened to take a 'wrecking ball' to their lives and promised to hold her husband's 'feet to the flames' if he did not do as he said.

She added that she feared Christian - who was demanding millions of pounds from her husband - might want to 'get rid of Mark' because of the fate of other men who knew the Candys.

'I used to worry constantly that Christian might take steps to hurt or even kill Mark when Mark travelled on business,' she said.

'I thought that the simplest way for Christian to resolve his issue with Mark would just be to get rid of Mark.'

She added that the claims were 'not as outlandish as it seems'. 'There are men in the Candys' extended circle who have died mysteriously,' she said.  

Mrs Holyoake went on to name millionaire property tycoon Paul Castle, super-rich Scot Young and Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky. 

She added: 'Christian was on the verge of selling the debt to people who would think nothing of physically hurting Mark, myself and or the children.

'Nick told Mark to take this very seriously indeed and do whatever Christian asked of him or else this would happen and the people they would sell the debt to would harm him and us physically and would not think twice about doing so.'   

Paul Castle, 54, (pictured playing Polo) jumped to his death in front of a train, just two hours after he was allegedly forced to hand over his watch collection to underworld ‘heavies’

Mr Castle, 54, jumped to his death in front of a London Underground train, just two hours after he was allegedly forced to hand over his watch collection to underworld ‘heavies’ over a string of debts he owed to 'significant figures'.

Young, meanwhile - once one of Britain's wealthiest property developers - fell to his death from his fourth floor flat in 2014 after apparently losing his immense wealth in a huge property development project in Russia called Project Moscow. 

Berezovsky, 67, also known to be an investor in the scheme, was found hanged in his bedroom in Ascot, Berkshire, 2013. His estate was later declared insolvent. 

The long-running legal battle has forced the fiercely private brothers to reveal details about their businesses and lifestyles which have otherwise been kept under wraps. 

Yesterday, Ms

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