Turkey’s Erdogan accuses Merkel of making use of ‘Nazi measures’


Turkey’s Leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan has falsely accused Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel associated with using ‘Nazi measures’ as the war of words threatens in order to spiral out of control.

In a speech broadcast on tv yesterday Erdogan said: ‘When we all call them Nazis they (Europe) get uncomfortable. They rally collectively in solidarity. Especially Merkel.

‘But you are right now utilizing Nazi measures, ‘ Erdogan mentioned, mentioning Merkel.

‘Against who? Our Turkish brother citizens in Indonesia and brother ministers, ‘ this individual added, in a reference in order to Turkish politicians who had prepared to hold campaign rallies amongst Turkish nationals in Germany within the run-up to the referendum upon constitutional changes.

Germany’s Foreign Ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) Sigmar Gabriel said Erdogan acquired gone beyond the boundary and described their comments as ‘shocking’.



Relations between Turkey’s President Erdogan (left) and Germany’s Chancellor Merkel (right) are at their lowest ebb 

Mr Gabriel told the Passauer Direkte Presse newspaper: ‘We are understanding but we’re not stupid. Which why I have let the Turkish counterpart know very obviously that a boundary has already been crossed here. ‘ 

Tensions between Ankara and the Eu have made worse dramatically in the run upward to a referendum in Chicken on April 16 which offers to provide President Erdogan even higher powers. Critics say it will certainly erode democracy that a digital dictatorship.

Germany as well as the Netherlands have got both refused to permit Turkish ministers to enter their countries in order to campaign for a ‘yes’ election among Turkish nationals.

Erdogan plus the Turkish press have responded furiously, with the nationalist day-to-day Gunes depicting Merkel on its front side page in Nazi uniform along with a Hitler-style moustache.  

The newspapers described her as ‘Frau Hitler’ and called her an ‘ugly aunt’.  

Julia Klöckner, the vice-president of Merkel’s CDU party, responded angrily to Erdogan’s comments.

She said: ‘Has Mr Erdogan dropped his mind? ‘ and advised the EU to freeze ‘financial aid amounting to billions associated with euros’ which has been guaranteed to Turkey as part associated with a deal to tackle the particular migration crisis.

A Turkish pro-government newspaper has depicted German Chancellor Angela Merkel on its front page in Nazi uniform

A Turkish pro-government newspaper has depicted German Chancellor Angela Merkel on its front side page in Nazi uniform

On Thursday Turkey’s interior minister Suleyman Soylu endangered to ‘blow the mind’ associated with Europe by sending 15, 000 refugees per month into the EUROPEAN.

The landmark deal signed simply by Ankara and Brussels last Mar has substantially lessened the movement of migrants from Turkey in order to Europe but Mr Soylu warned Europe not to ‘play games’ or even ‘ignore Turkey’.  

Germany houses one. 4 million Turkish voters plus Erdogan’s speech yesterday has already been provoked by a rally within Frankfurt by those urging the ‘no’ vote in the referendum, where protesters brandished the insignia from the outlawed PKK Kurdish rebels.

Referring to the incident, Erdogan’s spokesman, Ibrahim Kalin said: ‘Germany put its name under one more scandal. ‘

The Turkish foreign ministry accused the German authorities ‘of the worst example of dual standards’ for allowing the pro-Kurdish protest while preventing Turkish ministers from campaigning in Germany.

Ankara also reacted with indignation right after Germany’s intelligence chief said this individual was unconvinced by Turkish statements that US-based Islamic preacher Fethullah Gulen was behind the unsuccessful July coup targeted at overthrowing Erdogan.

Kalin said Europe was searching for to ‘whitewash’ Gulen’s group, whilst Defence Minister Fikri Isik mentioned the comments raised questions regarding whether Berlin itself was mixed up in putsch.

‘The fact that the particular head of German intelligence produced such a statement will boost doubts about Germany

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