Queensland crocodile teen drank goon just before attack


A teenager consumed ‘ten cups of goon’ just before almost having his arm sculpted off with a crocodile when he or she jumped into infested waters in order to impress a British backpacker.  

Lee De Pauuw, 18, leaped in to the Johnstone River in Innisfail, Queensland in the early hrs of Sunday morning so that they can earn over tourist Sophie Paterson.

The teenager revealed to the Nine Network on Tuesday morning that Miss Paterson has since agreed to proceed on a date with your pet, however any romantic connection provides been downplayed by the set.  

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Lee De Pauuw, 18, was drinking large amounts of cask wine when he leaped into a crocodile-infested river to impress a British backpacker

Lee Sobre Pauuw, 18, was drinking huge amounts of cask wine whenever he leaped into a crocodile-infested river to impress a Uk backpacker

He leaped into the Johnstone River in Innisfail, Queensland in the early hours of Sunday morning in an attempt to win over tourist Sophie Paterson

He leaped in to the Johnstone Water in Innisfail, Queensland in the particular early hours of Sunday early morning in an attempt to earn over tourist Sophie Paterson

Miss Paterson has since agreed to go on a date with him, however any romantic connection has been downplayed by the pair.

Miss Paterson has since decided to go upon a date with him, nevertheless any romantic connection has already been downplayed by the pair.

‘[She’s not really special] just another girl but the lady is really good-looking and he or she had been kind to me the night time before, ‘ Mr De Pauuw said.

Miss Paterson also made an appearance on national television, telling Station 7 that she would have in order to be ‘quite twisty’ to become amazed by Mr De Pauuw’s attempts.

‘Risking your life, there will be nothing funny about this, ‘ the lady said.

It’s a major change associated with tone compared to Monday whenever Mr De Pauuw claimed in order to be head over hills for your British backpacker.  

‘I did not really know there was a is definitely the there. I simply done it with regard to Sophie, ‘ he said.  

‘She is beautiful, caring, and type. ‘ 

Miss Paterson, 24, was getting drinks with Mr De Paauw in the early hours associated with Sunday morning when she dared him to jump into the particular far north Queensland river.

The teenager, who lives nearby, foolishly went for it – simply to be attacked by a large saltwater crocodile that was hiding in the creek.

The foolhardy teenager was lucky to obtain away with his life, striking the huge reptile in the particular face after it sunk the jaws into his arm plus tried to drown him within a ‘death roll’.  

Despite Miss Paterson telling the teenager she was not impressed, Mr De Paauw said he's still head over heels with the 'beautiful, caring and kind' tourist.

Mr Sobre Paauw almost had his equipped ripped off by a creature three-metre long crocodile after bouncing into infested waters in Innisfail around 2. 30am on Sunday

British backpacker Sophie Paterson, 24, dared a teenager to jump into crocodile-infested waters

Miss Paterson said there is nothing funny about Mr De Pauuw risking his life

British backpacker Sophie Paterson (pictured), 24, dared a teenager in order to jump into crocodile-infested waters 

Despite their heroics, Miss Paterson was not really impressed, telling her admirer: ‘Being attacked by animals doesn’t actually do it for me. ‘ 

Speaking to the Fitzy & Wippa radio show from his hospital mattress, Mr De Paauw explained exactly why he leaped into the drinking water.

‘Being dared, I jumped away the jetty and am was going swimming back around towards the stairs in order to get out.

‘I involved in order to pull myself back up whenever the croc grabbed my adjustable rate mortgage and dragged me back away and started rolling me.

‘I hit it in the nasal area and it loosened its grasp. I got another hit within and it was right within its eye. It dropped myself then. ‘

Miss Paterson told 9News she saw a lot associated with bone and blood throughout the ‘horrendous’ attack that she likened in order to the movie Jaws.

A remarkably chipper Mr De Paauw additional that it would all become worthwhile if Miss Paterson emerged on the date with him.

Miss Paterson (pictured) told 9News she saw a lot of bone and blood during the 'horrendous' attack that she likened to the movie Jaws

Miss Paterson (pictured) told 9News the lady saw a lot of bone tissue and blood throughout the ‘horrendous’ assault that she likened to the particular movie Jaws

‘Hopefully that girl purchases me a drink, ‘ he or she said, adding that he got her number.

Luckily for the particular plucky teenager, Miss Paterson had been also on the show.

His backpacker crush said she had not been impressed by his antics — adding that there was simply no chemistry together.

‘He’s too youthful for me, ‘ she mentioned.  

‘Being attacked by animals won’t really do it for me personally. ‘

Miss Paterson and Mr De Paauw shared a short conversation upon air, but it was the little awkward.

The radio hosting companies suggested the British tourist spend the teenager a visit within hospital, but she did not really seem up for it.  

Miss Paterson had earlier told the Courier Mail that Mr De Paauw had boasted of how he can swim within the water over beverages at a nearby hostel.

‘He was talking about the neighborhood creek saying ‘I can swim out’ and so we said, ‘go on then’, but we did not think he would do this, ‘ she said.

The teenager leaped into the Johnstone River (file picture) but almost immediately started 'splashing and screaming'

The teen leaped in to the Johnstone River (file picture) but almost immediately began ‘splashing and screaming’

 Paramedic Neil Noble said it was fortunate Mr De Paauw was able to escape the reptile's grip before he drowned in a 'death roll' (file image)

 Paramedic Neil Rspectable said it had been fortunate Mr Sobre Paauw could escape the reptile’s grip before he drowned within a ‘death roll’ (file image)

‘He sort of made this state ‘I’ll swim out and back’.  At first we just mentioned ‘don’t be so ridiculous’ plus didn’t think he would definitely

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