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Supremacist ‘caught on video punching the woman’ UC Berkeley


The founder of a white supremacist group appears to have already been caught on video punching the woman in the face from a pro- rally in Berkeley.

Nathan Damigo was written sucker-punching anti-fascist protester, who passes the title Louise Rosealma on social media marketing, after violence broke out on Saturday among groups ofTrump supporters and detractors keeping rallies in downtown Berkeley.

Rosealma was knocked to the terrain from the force of the impact, and was later seen wincing in pain as she tentatively put her hand to the girl face.

A GoFundMe page, evidently set up by friends, reviews that she required hospitalization right after the assault and is right now being targeted by alt-right . The page has already elevated more than $5, 000. –

Damigo, who claims he could be a previous Marine, later posted a upon Twitter showing specks on bloodstream down his arm and t-shirt. He claimed he’s been ‘administering first aid’ to someone.  

The leader of a white supremacist group, Nathan Damigo, has been caught on video punching a woman in the face at the pro-Trump rally in Berkeley

The leader of the whitened supremacist group, Nathan Damigo, provides been caught on video striking a woman in the encounter at the pro- rally within Berkeley

Nathan Damigo was seen sucker punching the anti-fascist protester after violence broke out Saturday between groups of Trump supporters and detractors in downtown Berkeley

Nathan Damigo has been seen sucker punching the anti-fascist protester after violence broke away Saturday between groups of supporters and detractors in the downtown area Berkeley

Friends of Rosealma report that she required hospitalization after the assault and is now being targeted by alt-right trolls

Friends of Rosealma report that she required hospitalization after the assault and can be now being targeted by alt-right

Berkeley Police have yet in order to confirm whether a study into the particular video is underway.

At minimum 21 people were arrested following a pro- ‘Patriots Day’ rally clashed counter-protesters at Berkeley’s Martin Luther Ruler Jr Civic Center Park upon Saturday.   

Hundreds of people along with opposing opinions on President Jesse threw stones, lit fire, tossed explosives and tear fuel and attacked each other along with makeshift weapons as police was by.   

About 250 police officials were deployed to quell the particular violence, as Berkeley officials switched to Oakland Police Department to get backup, according to the Los Angeles Times.  

Another picture shows Damigo, surrounded by his pro-Trump pals, squaring up to an anti-fascist protester

Another image shows Damigo, surrounded by their pro- pals, squaring up in order to an anti-fascist protester

Protesters on both sides were left bruised and bloodied after the rally turned into a brawl on Saturday 

Protesters to both sides were left bruised and bloodied after the move turned into a brawl upon Saturday 

Trump supporters face off against protesters with smoke from a smoke bomb at Milvia St. and Center St. in Berkeley (Damigo, right)

supporters encounter off against protesters with smoke cigarettes from a smoke bomb from Milvia St. and Center Saint. in Berkeley (Damigo, right)

The rally was organized simply by the Liberty Revival Alliance according to the hundreds of Tax Marches being held in cities throughout the country – demanding finally release his taxes.  

This is the third time that will violent confrontations have broken away on the city’s streets recently.  

The footage of Damigo seemed to show other supporters striking, kicking and stomping on the particular anti-fascist protesters.  

Many were remaining bruised and bloodied by the particular violence on the rally.  

Damigo, the former Marine corporal and the particular founder of a white supremacist organization Identity Evropa, has earlier served two years in prison for armed robbery after this individual confessed he ‘flipped out upon a guy, ‘ the Bee reported.   

A former leader from the now defunct, National Youth Front, Damigo can be also a huge supporter associated with Donald .  

During the 7 days of ’s election, Damigo submitted a video where he fantasized about a ‘Calexit’ the suggested secession of California, named right after the UK’s Brexit.

‘The outstanding few of us who are usually white would white-flight ourselves away of here and join a person guys within the rest of the particular country, and we could perform our own thing and Ca could just pretty much devolve into cannibalism, ‘ he mentioned.  

‘The state has just significantly changed, ‘ said Damigo, which grew up in Silicon Area and attended a private Baptist school. ‘If you’re white and you also live here, it’s like in a foreign country. ‘

Last 12 months, Stanislaus State students complained how the 30-year-old, who was majoring within social studies at the college, was trying to build ‘one associated with the fastest growing white supremacist groups in the U. S i9000. ‘ 

A man is hit over the head with a Trump flag as fights break out between two opposing political protest groups and police stand by 

A man can be hit over the head using a flag as fights bust out between two opposing political demonstration groups and police stand by 

The protester was left bloodied after being hit over the head by a Trump flag in one of many fights that broke out between Trump supporters and anti-Trump protesters in Berkeley

The protester was remaining bloodied after being hit within the head by a banner in a single of many fights that will broke out between followers and anti- protesters in Berkeley

An injured man lies on the pavement as another injured man (R), bloodied from a brawl, walks away from the madness 

An injured man is situated on the pavement as one more injured man (R), bloodied through a brawl, walks away through the madness 

A woman is pepper-sprayed in the face as Tax Marchers fight with pro-Trump protesters at the 'Patriots Day' rally for free speech on Saturday 

A female is pepper-sprayed in the encounter as Tax Marchers fight along with pro- protesters at the ‘Patriots Day’ rally for free conversation on Saturday 

When students demanded this individual ought to be expelled, Stanislaus President Ellen Junn posted a statement upon the university website saying that will ‘Stanislaus State as well as the CSU have got an obligation and commitment in order to the founding principles of our own American democracy â? a democracy that upholds the First Amendment’s protection of freedom of conversation, even when that speech might be controversial or offensive in order to others. ‘

However, there have already been renewed calls for his expulsion this weekend after the video associated with him assaulting the girl went virus-like.

DailyMail. com has reached away but so far, the university or college has not responded to the particular footage.

The alt right head is the founder of whitened supremacist group Identity Evropa organization which usually uses imagery of Greek plus Renaissance male statues as this tries to tout the brilliance of whites.

While it really does not appear that Damigo has been arrested on the rally, more compared to 20 other protesters were used into custody being a riot shattered out.

Some of these arrested had been on suspicion of the deadly tool, according to Officer Byron Whitened of the Berkeley Police Division and the LA Times.  

Both sides threw explosives and dispersed tear gas at each various other, and a number of individuals had in order to have milk poured into their own eyes after being affected simply by the gas.  

Hundreds of people with opposing opinions on President Donald Trump threw stones, lit fires, tossed explosives and tear gas and attacked each other with makeshift weapons

Hundreds of people with opposing views on President Donald put stones, lit fires, tossed explosives and tear gas and bombarded each other with makeshift weapons

A man crouching for cover (C) gets hit with a bike lock as protesters use anything they have for makeshift weapons in the brawl 

A man crouching to get cover (C) gets hit using a bike lock as protesters make use of anything they have for makeshift weapons in the brawl 

A Trump supporter gets creative when he throws spoonfuls of scalding beans towards protesters rallying against the president

A supporter gets innovative when he throws spoonfuls associated with scalding beans towards protesters rallying towards the president

Dozens of individuals were pictured bloodied or otherwise injured since fights continued to break away in the California city.

Both groups threw rocks and stays each and every other, and even utilized a large trash bin since a battering ram, based on the UNA Times.  A bank even boarded up its ATMs prior to the move as a precaution.  

Berkeley Law enforcement Department spokesperson Officer Byron Whitened told Buzzfeed News: ‘The Associated with Berkeley police department is the small to medium-size department. The police department total is 176. You need to know most of that 176 is here today. ‘

He furthermore said city officials did not really receive protest permit requests through either group, but heard bout all of them through social media and dispersed flyers.  

White also explained that will because there was no recognized communication between the city plus protesters, officers had to calculate how many demonstrators would display up.

He said: ‘The quantity of people at the park to get the demonstration was in the particular hundreds.

‘It’s difficult for all of us to keep that amount associated with demonstrators inside that area along with the quantity of people we got. It would require another degree of force for us in order to do that. ‘ 

However, he described that he does not believe they underestimated the protests, stating: ‘Every time we have the demonstration in the city associated with Berkeley, we a new little little bit from it’.  

During the protests Berkeley police posted to Tweets a picture of some associated with the makeshift weapons they got already confiscated, including metal plumbing and baseball bats.  

An aerial view of the chaos in Berkeley shows how demonstrators left Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park, where the fighting began, and walked along Berkeley streets

An aerial view of the particular chaos in Berkeley shows

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