While you were sleeping: Emojis, Game of Thrones, Premiers and more

While you were sleeping: Emojis, Game of Thrones, Premiers and more
While you were sleeping: Emojis, Game of Thrones, Premiers and more

The emoji: cute, cuddly and here to stay. MIGUEL MEDINA / AFP/Getty Images

Good morning and happy world emoji day,

Here is some news you might have missed while you were sleeping. 

Montrealers have been buzzing on social media last night and this morning about Game of Thrones. 

That’s likely because the first-to-last season of  of the show premiered on HBO last night returning favourite characters, gruesome violence, and the a signature spider web of political intrigue to T.V. screens around the city.

To many – this was a big deal – as exemplified in this all-caps Tweet.

Next summer will be the final season. And then it will end. Forever.  How you feel about this?

Some Montrealers have noticed Construction Pomerleau work along the water visible from the Bonaventure Expressway for over a year now.

Jason Magder reveals in this squeeky wheels story that the work is not really construction, it’s a project to clean up a toxic pollution site older than the country itself. 

Across Canada: At the Council of the Federation meeting in Edmonton today, Canadian Premiers will discussed topics like security issues, the legalization of cannabis, softwood lumber and free trade with the United States.

Phillipe Couillard said he plans to discuss his constitutional initiative as well. Read this story if you’d like more details. 

Around the world, or at least within the world-wide Twitterverse, World Emoji Day is trending this a.m.

To stay in tune with the trend, here is an emoji-related international story:

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is inviting people to text the number 57251 with the phrase “send me” followed by a word or an emoji. For example, “send me heart emoji.” As a response the museum will text back with a related image from its collection.

Will the museum respond to texts from people with Canadian cellphone numbers? I know I’ll use my lunch break to find out.

But feel free to share in the comments if you discover the answer before me!

Sources: Bloomberg, The New York Times News Service, Canadian Press, Montreal Gazette

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