Maryland cop buys diapers for shoplifting suspect

Rookie officer Bennett Johns being hailed for kind act in Laurel, Maryland Was responding to a shoplifting call and decided to help struggling mother Johns bought the diapers with his own money and issued her a citation 

By Keith Griffith For and Associated Press

Published: 22:30 BST, 31 July 2017 | Updated: 03:54 BST, 1 August 2017


A rookie police officer is garnering praise for an act of kindness he extended to a woman accused of shoplifting.

Officer Bennet Johns, who joined the Laurel, Maryland police department in May, was called to a local grocery store on July 22 regarding a 20-year-old woman accused of shoplifting.

The woman with her infant son, who reportedly bought some items but did not have $15 for two packs of diapers, and tried to walk out with them.

Officer Bennet Johns is seen purchasing diapers for a shoplifing suspect last week in this picture taken by his training officer in Laurel, Maryland last week

Officer Bennet Johns is seen purchasing diapers for a

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