The straightforward trick thieves can use in order to break into the car


This is the £16 tool that will thieves don’t want you in order to know about.

Now a vehicle recovery driver has demonstrated the particular trick that allows anyone to crack into expensive vehicles – plus it takes just 30 secs.

Ady Handley bought the inexpensive tool online to test out there his theory that it can easily unlock vehicle doors.

The 49-year-old, who has no encounter in lock-picking, managed to open up the back of a Kia Connect Van in just half-a-minute seconds on his first try.

Ady is now sharing this particular video to prove to motorists they should not keep their own tools within their vans and ought to also think about obtaining a deadlock fitted to stop this important working.

Ady, from Leicester, stated: ‘This was my first try and it took me below 30 seconds, and I’m simply no locksmith.

‘If you started carrying out this regularly, it might only get 10 seconds to spread out each vehicle, it’s worrying really.

Ady Handley bought a the cheap £16 tool online to test out his theory

Ady Handley purchased a the inexpensive £16 tool online to check out his theory

‘You’re meant in order to possess a licence to be capable to buy these keys, plus they’ve been banned online in many places – but I obtained that one online.

‘The key functions on Ford and Jaguar versions, and once the doorway has already been opened it can be secured using the same key.

‘This indicates that there is damage or track left, so drivers wouldn’t actually know.

‘Even worse, if somebody uses this key on somebody’s car, they can then take this to a locksmith and obtain the key cut for their vehicle – which would start the particular engine and mean they can get away. ‘

He's now sharing this video to get drivers to buy a deadlock for their vans 

He’s now sharing this video in order to get drivers to buy the deadlock for vans 

Ady claims in order to have bought the unlocking important on online retailers for £35, but they are currently getting sold

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