Capitol police mix-up during baseball shooting

Bloomberg Politics reports that members of the Capitol Police were initially sent to Nancy Pelosi's house the morning of the Congressional baseball shooting They were meant to respond to a field in Alexandria, Virginia, instead of the House Minority Leader's residence in Georgetown, seven miles away  It's unclear how much time was lost in the mix-up  It's possible that Capitol Police used the wrong transponder code, signifying Pelosi was in danger instead the House Majority Whip, Rep. Steve Scalise

By Associated Press and Reporter

Published: 00:14 BST, 1 August 2017 | Updated: 13:01 BST, 1 August 2017


Capitol Police were initially directed to the wrong location the morning that Rep. Steve Scalise and others were shot at a congressional baseball practice, it has been revealed. 

Two sources told Bloomberg Politics that members of the Capitol Police elite Containment and Emergency Response team were initially directed to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi's house in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington - instead of to the park in Alexandria, Virginia, where the shooting occurred, about seven miles away. 

It's not clear how much time the tactical squad lost because of the mix-up. And it might not have mattered anyway since Alexandria Police were already responding.

Capitol Police officers

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