Lewandowski predicts will give the Mooch another job

Lewandowski predicts will give the Mooch another job
Lewandowski predicts Trump will give the Mooch another job

While Anthony Scaramucci's time at the White House as communications director was short-lived, the loyalist may get another plum posting in president's orbit.

Corey Lewandowksi, ex-campaign manager for Donald , said Tuesday on Fox & Friends that he suspects the president will give Scaramucci, a major Republican bundler, a job elsewhere in the administration.

'I think so,' Lewandowski told the hosts of Fox & Friends. 'There's a lot of jobs out there in the administration, and the communications director wasn't the right role for him, but my guess is the president will find a spot for him somewhere.'

Another White House source familiar with the situation told DailyMail.com that Scaramucci is angling to go back to the Export-Import bank. 


Scaramucci, a former hedge funder, helped raise money for 's campaign. He sold his asset management company, SkyBridge Capital, in January in preparation for a job in the administration.

On June 19 he became the chief strategy officer at the Export-Import bank in Washington, D.C.

He transitioned out of that job less than two weeks ago to become communications director at the White House.

Lewandowski was vague in his comments about a new position for Scaramucci, but another source close to the outsted aide said he could end up at Ex-Im again.

'That's what Mooch is wanting,' the source said. 

His official start date at 1600 Penn was supposed to be August 15, according to a White House press release. The release said he would be reporting directly to the president.

Scaramucci began almost immediately, however, appearing at his first - and only- White House press briefing on Friday, June 21. 

From then on, he operated out of a corner office in the communications shop that had been occupied by his predecessor, Mike Dubke, who resigned from the same position a little more than two months ago.

Five days into the gig, Scaramucci had a meltdown during a phone call with a reporter over the leaks within the White House. 

He was convinced, the reporter, Ryan Lizza, says, that Reince Priebus, chief of staff at the time, had discussed a dinner he had with the president, as well as his financial disclosure forms, with the press.

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