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Moment gang of thieves in hi-vis jackets steal £250,000

A gang of brazen thieves stole more than £250,000 of building supplies during an audacious daytime robbery. 

The men wore hi-vis jackets and loaded granite paving slabs, quartz worktops, plant machinery, wood flooring and glass onto two lorries and a van.

They even stole the fork-lift trucks which were used to load the stolen goods onto the vehicles in Southend-on-Sea, Essex. 

The group were not wearing masks and the registration plates of their vehicles are clearly visible in CCTV footage. 

The men (pictured) were filmed moving the building supplies at the depot in Southend, Essex

The men (pictured) were filmed moving the building supplies at the depot in Southend, Essex

The robbery took place at the Weston Homes depot on Fairfax Drive in the seaside town over the weekend of July 8 and 9.

It has been claimed the crime will end up costing Weston Homes as much as £750,000 when costs and delays are taken into account.  

Weston Homes said today they have been 'deeply disappointed' with the response from Essex Police.

They have now decided to release a 'Crimewatch-style' video in an attempt to catch the thieves while offering a £20,000 reward.

Michael Alden, commercial director at Weston Homes, said: 'This audacious robbery will eventually end up costing our company up to three quarters of a million pounds to a million pounds in losses once building delays, material reordering, time and legal costs are taken into account.

'We are deeply disappointed in the slow police response and their lack of resourcing to assist, hence we have decided to offer a reward to members of the general public, and also publicise the robbery via a video and social media.'

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