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Man feeds his kookaburra 'best friend' food from his mouth

79-year-old Manly resident feeds 'best friend' kookaburra food from his mouth Man says he isn't hurting the kookaburra and he can tell the bird 'really enjoys' it Calls the bird a 'good mate': 'If somebody hurt the kookaburra I would fight back'

By Yael Brender For Daily Mail Australia

Published: 03:53 BST, 2 August 2017 | Updated: 03:53 BST, 2 August 2017


Strange footage has surfaced of a man and a kookaburra fighting over a piece of meat - but it turns out that they've been engaging in the same bizarre ritual for years.

Francesko Franicevich, 79, regularly feeds meat to his 'best friend' the kookaburra from his mouth, and says that the bird 'loves it'.

In one video, the kookaburra can be seen squawking and wrestling a piece of rump steak from Mr Franicevich's mouth.

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The kookaburra and Francesko Franicevich  wrestle pieces of food from each others' mouths.

The kookaburra and Francesko Franicevich  wrestle pieces of food from each others' mouths.

The Whale Beach resident told the Manly Daily that he has built up 'a really good trust and relationship' with the kookaburra.

Mr Franicevich regularly feeds his avian friend steak, chicken or fish, but engages in a wrestling match with the kookaburra beforehand because he doesn't like 'dole bludgers'.

'I say to the kookaburra, if you want a good feed, you have to work for it,' he said.

Apparently, Mr Franicevich has built up quite a reputation among the native bird community,

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