Iowa hairdresser fixes depressed teen’s matted hair


A hairdresser declined to shave off a frustrated teenager’s hair and instead invested 13 hours fixing it on her instead.

Kayley Olsson, a student hairdresser in Waterloo, Iowa,  recently distributed a story on Facebook that will has touched the hearts associated with millions in regards to a depressed teenager who else came to sit in the girl salon chair.

The 20-year-old described the 16-year-old have been dealing along with severe depression for years plus felt so worthless that the girl couldn’t even brush her personal hair.

The unnamed teen inquired Olsson to just shave the girl head with time for her school’s picture day however the hairdresser declined and spent 13 hours repairing it for her.  

Olsson distributed the heart-warming story with the girl Facebook followers on Tuesday, because a reminder that mental sickness affects people of all age range.

This unnamed depressed teenager asked her hairdresser to shave off her matted hair on Monday in Waterloo, Iowa. The 16-year-old said she felt so worthless that she couldn't even bring herself to brush her hair

This unnamed frustrated teenager asked her hairdresser in order to shave off her matted locks on Monday in Waterloo, Iowa. The 16-year-old said she experienced so worthless that she didn’t want to even bring herself to clean her hair

Instead, the girl's 20-year-old hairdresser spent 13 hours over two days fixing her hair

After shots of the teen's hair

Instead, the girl’s 20-year-old hairdresser spent 13 hours more than two days fixing her locks so it would look great on picture day on Wednesday. Pictured: After shots of the particular teen’s hair

The hairdresser, who attends cosmetology school at Capri Waterloo, has garnered more than 160, 000 likes, 67, 000 gives and more than 8, 500 comments on the post.

Olsson began her story by stating it was one of the particular most challenging experiences that the girl ever had and said the girl chose to keep the teenager anonymous.

She wrote: ‘She obtained to the point where the girl felt so down and therefore worthless she couldn’t even clean her hair, she told me personally she only got up in order to use the restroom.

‘She begins back at school in some days but she has her college pictures today. When she wandered in she told us “just cut it all off I actually can’t handle the pain associated with combing it out”, she known as herself worthless for this.

‘It truthfully broke my heart and we all tried everything we could to help keep this child’s hair for the girl! All in all I want this in order to be a lesson to the people. ‘

Kayley Olsson, a 20-year-old student hairdresser, shared the story to her Facebook followers as reminder that mental health illness affects people of all ages

Olsson began her story by saying it was one of the most hardest and challenging experience she had to date with the teen she chose to keep anonymous

Kayley Olsson, a 20-year-old student hairdresser, shared the story with the girl Facebook followers as a tip that mental health illness impacts people of ages


Although these people may not describe feeling frustrated, warning signs include saying these are stressed or easily annoyed.

Other symptoms include tearfulness, withdrawing through socializing, changes in eating behaviors as well as a lack of energy.

Physical signs are headaches, poor digestive function, and muscle and joint discomfort.

Stress and depression often show up together.

Like depression, stress may also cause fatigue, headache plus aching muscles, as well because ulcers.

Source: Helpguide. org 

Olsson continuing: ‘MENTAL HEALTH is a point, it effects people all about the world and of almost all ages! PARENTS take it severe don’t just push your children off and tell them to obtain over something they legitimately aren’t.  

‘A CHILD should NEVER really feel so worthless to not actually want to brush their locks. After being here 8 hrs yesterday and 5 hours nowadays we finally made could be lady smile and feel like she actually is worth something!  

‘Her last terms to me was “I may actually smile for my colleges pictures today, you made me personally think that me again”. ‘ 

Social press users have cheered Olsson with regard to sharing the story and assisting the young woman.  

Mary Litchfield wrote: ‘You did an attractive work. Most people who have used the simple way and just reduce her hair and told the girl stat (sic) fresh. But a person took the time and spent time she needed to become invested in her on her in order to know she has plus

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